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Automate Your HR Managment Workflow

Our HR document management solutions make accessing personnel files, submitting paperwork, and managing employee records a breeze. Say goodbye to overloaded filing cabinets and hunting for misfiled documents.

By digitising with Document Options, your employee information becomes more usable and protected both today and into the future. Contact us to learn more about streamlining your HR document workflows!

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Why Choose Document Options

We offer HR document management systems that enable you to store all employee records in one electronic file. Paper documents can be scanned into the system; e-mails and attachments can be copied or moved into the system; even x-rays, photographs etc. Furthermore, retrieving the employee file will enable you to view, print or e-mail the whole file, a section of it or an individual page.

Large batches of non-urgent work may be sent to us for scanning and uploading to the same server for you to access. We offer both a hosted solution and a on-premise solution.

Relying on paper files means relying on how well the filing was done. This can mean that the files of employees with large or multiple files may have been separated.

The files can be made available anywhere and to anyone that needs the information. This is subject to them being authorised to do so which is ensured by a secure log on and pass word procedure. So if you are a multi-location organisation or working from home you can still access the files quickly and easily.

Benifits of Automated HR Systems

  • Digitises personnel paperwork
  • Automates recordkeeping processes
  • Provides anytime, anywhere access
  • Ensures security and compliance
  • Supports efficient onboarding
  • Simplify regulatory audits through digitally archived records

How HR Automation Works

Instantly access employee records from hire to retire. Our automated Human Resources document management solutions digitise paperwork into organised digital files whilst ensuring compliance, privacy, and data protection.

Integrity and confidentiality are vital when dealing with personal data. Our services enable efficient management of employee documents over the entire employment lifecycle.

Intelligent document management systems bring these and other processes together by creating electronic copies of your outbound communications. They are then stored in a single, central repository alongside the scanned originals.

We provide tracked onboarding document kits. Personnel records are organised into secure digital employee files with access permissions. Documents like contracts, tax forms, training certificates are routed digitally for signatures, reviews, and approvals based on internal rules.

HR team

Process for HR Document Management


Step 1

Track incoming personnel files


Step 2

Documents Scanned to Employee Files


Step 3

Automate the HR workflows


Step 4

Recorded updated and securley logged in your HR system.

What Our Customers Say

Really helpful and friendly. I had a really tight deadline and they turned the work around really quickly. Brilliant service.
Steven Wilson
Steven Wilson
22 March 2023
Extremely efficient and excellent customer service. Also one of the only companies with a large flat bed scanner who have the skill to produce high quality images
Julia Hayes
Julia Hayes
15 July 2022
Great company to deal with, I dealt with Perry and Steve who were super-helpful. They have excellent knowledge and have been great support for our archive scanning needs for our business in Sussex. Would recommend!
Matthew Hall
Matthew Hall
30 June 2022
Very friendly and helpful staff
Jake Forshaw
Jake Forshaw
12 April 2022
Friendly staff and very helpful.
Timothy Tomsett
Timothy Tomsett
5 September 2019
Most helpful
Clive Firestorm
Clive Firestorm
27 July 2017

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