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Document Options operates a nationwide document scanning bureau service. We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of document scanning, storage and data capture services. Whether you want to free-up office space, keep a digital copy or ensure compliance, we can help with our document scanning service.

With the recent move towards digital documents and cloud storage there has been a significant reduction in the amount of paper documents being produced. Traditional document filing systems and bulky metal filing cabinets are quickly becoming a thing of the past. We are seeing a steady increase in business customers requiring paper document scanning services in a bid to digitise important records and free up office space.

Top 7 benefits of scanning business documents:

1 – Better use of office space

Using prime office space to store business records can be highly costly. By scanning documents, you will free up office space which can be used to generate more revenue for your business. Entire rooms of filing cabinets can be transformed into easily accessible and searchable digital archives for your workforce, while freeing up useable highly valuable office space.

2 – Improved Data Security

It’s hard to protect hard copy information. When we scan paper documents, we can encrypt them with password protection and store them securely in the cloud. You can then allow specific users accessibility rights and track/alter access whenever you choose.

3 – Increased Staff Accessibility

By digitising documents and archives you empower your team to easily access and collaborate on projects without having to wait from paper copies. Remote staff, and teams at multiple locations and branches can access and view historic documents simultaneously.

4 – Compliance, Compliance, Compliance

That’s right, compliance is a big deal in any business and rightfully so. By scanning your paper documents and digitising historic files you make it easier for your business to fulfil its legal and regulatory requirements. It’s easy to store, search, organise and index digital documents so you can quickly meet the needs of auditors and local authorities.

5 – Disaster Recovery

Digital files are easy to secure and back up; paper documents, not so much. We use a range of methods to secure our customers data and ensure all files are safely backed up. If you are relying on paper for your business-critical documents you really are risking it.

6 – Easier to find = money saved

Document scanning improves accessibility of files to your organisation. Study after study has found that it takes in excess of 30 minutes to find a single paper file in a traditional document storage system. By scanning documents and making them easily accessible to your workforce you will dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to find important information which will result in a dramatic cost saving for your business.

7 – Sustainability

And last, but not least: sustainability. Scanning documents isn’t just good for your business, it benefits the environment too. Digitising documents massively reduces your businesses paper consumption and this, in turn, leads to improved sustainability. Everything we scan, once authorised, is securely shredded and recycled locally.

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