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We specialise in scanning and digitising large format drawings, maps, plans, and other documents exceeding A0 size. Our large-format scanning services can convert your archive of oversized materials into easily accessible and usable digital file formats.

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Why Choose Document Options

Our large format scanning services offer an efficient digitisation solution designed to enhance usability and access. By reducing large drawing cabinets and archiving originals offsite, we free up valuable office space. Scans are indexed with metadata for improved searchability by project, date, and other criteria.

Digital copies on the network, cloud repositories, or mobile devices make drawings highly accessible from any location. Portability is also improved for field teams by replacing oversized prints with easy tablet/laptop access. Cloud storage smoothly handles future revisions and integrates CAD, BIM, and Microsoft files for unified access.

Network archive copies can sync automatically with the cloud for backup and universal accessibility.

With expertise in digitising large technical drawings, architectural plans, maps, diagrams and more, we make unwieldy physical materials more usable in modern digital formats. Contact us to discuss optimising your large format scanning workflow.

Benefits of Large Format Scanning

  • Frees up office and storage space
  • Improves accessibility from anywhere
  • Enhances searchability with metadata
  • Increases portability for mobile access
  • Cloud storage handles revisions easily
  • Native integration of file formats
  • Automated sync keeps copies current
  • Preserves fragile original drawings

How Large Format Scanning Works

Large format scanning begins by transporting oversized materials like architectural drawings, maps, and plans to our specialised scanning facility. Care is taken in handling these often fragile or delicate originals. Prior to scanning, documents are prepared and unfolded as needed. 

The materials are then scanned on high-end wide-format capture equipment capable of preserving all details in high-resolution digital images. The scans are converted into common file formats such as PDF, TIFF, and JPEG for usability. Native CAD files can also be integrated as needed. Metadata tags are added to the scans through an indexing process to make them searchable. Quality control checks are performed to ensure accuracy. 

The digitised materials are provided via secure cloud storage or on physical media. The scans are then accessible across devices and locations, improving collaboration and mobility. Overall, large-format scanning converts unwieldy physical documents into manageable and easily accessible digital files.

large format processing

Large Format Scanning Process


Step 1

Transport oversized originals to the facility with care.


Step 2

Prepare and scan materials on wide format scanners.


Step 3

Convert into high-res digital formats.


Step 4

Add metadata and perform quality checks.

What Our Customers Say

Really helpful and friendly. I had a really tight deadline and they turned the work around really quickly. Brilliant service.
Steven Wilson
Steven Wilson
22 March 2023
Extremely efficient and excellent customer service. Also one of the only companies with a large flat bed scanner who have the skill to produce high quality images
Julia Hayes
Julia Hayes
15 July 2022
Great company to deal with, I dealt with Perry and Steve who were super-helpful. They have excellent knowledge and have been great support for our archive scanning needs for our business in Sussex. Would recommend!
Matthew Hall
Matthew Hall
30 June 2022
Very friendly and helpful staff
Jake Forshaw
Jake Forshaw
12 April 2022
Friendly staff and very helpful.
Timothy Tomsett
Timothy Tomsett
5 September 2019
Most helpful
Clive Firestorm
Clive Firestorm
27 July 2017

Format Conversion FAQs

What's the maximum size document you can scan?

We can scan anything up to 36 Inches in width (that’s 94cm) and around 3mm in height. We can scan any length document, the longest has been around 6 metres so far!

Can you scan Large Format Drawings in Colour?
What's the maximum DPI you can scan in?
What scanner do you use for your to Drawings?

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