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Our digital mailroom management solutions transform slow, manual mail and document processing into smooth, automated business workflows.

We can automatically route your incoming post and documents to our facility each day. Materials are digitised via intelligent scanning and data extraction. Digital files are delivered to recipients and integrated into your systems.

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Why Choose Document Options

The same automation is applied to both physical and electronic documents, unifying them into one streamlined process. Workflows are simplified, reducing costs and headcount.

Our digital mailroom management services offer an efficient digitisation solution with improved efficiency and customer service, accelerated and automated processes, reduced storage and manual handling, and enhanced SLAs and performance measures.

Our team will collaborate with you to define the ideal solution tailored to your specific needs, providing pricing details and recommendations. Our professional services handle implementation, training, integration and ongoing support.

Discover how to upgrade your mailroom with intelligent automation that unifies physical and digital information flows. Contact us to learn more about our digital mailroom solutions and how we can optimise your document and mail processing.

Benefits of Digital Mailroom Processing

  • Automates manual document handling
  • Digitises physical and electronic mail
  • Extracts data and auto-classifies
  • Direct digital routing to recipients
  • Eliminates sorting, copying, delivery
  • Reduces costs and headcount
  • Improves efficiency and customer service
  • Integrates historical information into other systems

How Digital Mailrooms Works

Physical and digital documents are sent to our secure offsite facility each day. Incoming mail is automatically opened and sorted. Documents are scanned using high-speed OCR capture technology. Intelligent software extracts key data from the documents and automatically categorises each item based on rules. 

The digital files are delivered directly to the intended recipients. Automated workflows route the scanned mail for any necessary processing. Real-time dashboards provide visibility into processing statuses. Physical mail can be digitised and then disposed of after electronic processing. 

The digital mailroom solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and processes. Ongoing optimisation of data extraction and workflows is enabled through machine learning. By automating the digitisation, classification, routing and delivery of documents, digital mailrooms eliminate manual mail and document handling.

Digital Mailroom

Digital Mailrom Process


Step 1

Forward your incoming mail and documents to our facility.


Step 2

Our clever software captures the data, recognises the content, and automatically routes items to the correct recipient.


Step 3

Data can be delivered via email, stored on your servers, or hosted in our document management system.


Step 4

Your correspondence is now handled through an efficient, streamlined process.

What Our Customers Say

Really helpful and friendly. I had a really tight deadline and they turned the work around really quickly. Brilliant service.
Steven Wilson
Steven Wilson
22 March 2023
Extremely efficient and excellent customer service. Also one of the only companies with a large flat bed scanner who have the skill to produce high quality images
Julia Hayes
Julia Hayes
15 July 2022
Great company to deal with, I dealt with Perry and Steve who were super-helpful. They have excellent knowledge and have been great support for our archive scanning needs for our business in Sussex. Would recommend!
Matthew Hall
Matthew Hall
30 June 2022
Very friendly and helpful staff
Jake Forshaw
Jake Forshaw
12 April 2022
Friendly staff and very helpful.
Timothy Tomsett
Timothy Tomsett
5 September 2019
Most helpful
Clive Firestorm
Clive Firestorm
27 July 2017

Digital Mailroom Services FAQs

How do you receive our post and mail?

You can arrange for your suppliers to send them to us directly on your behalf or you can use a PO Box which can be directed to us

Does your Digital Mailroom service work for multi-branch businesses?
Surely this service would be slower and more expensive than us doing it in-house?
What happens to junk mail and marketing?
How do you determine what needs to be scanned or thrown away?
We already use a document management system; can you integrate with it?
Could this service be used for invoices and automatically read the invoice information?
How much mail do we need to receive on a weekly or daily basis for this service to be cost effective?

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