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Document Options specialises in archive scanning services to help businesses digitise and manage valuable records, documents and content. Our experienced team can efficiently scan vast archives via bulk document scanning, microfilm conversion, aperture card scanning and more. We utilise cutting-edge technologies to create searchable digital archives through OCR processing. Your documents can be hosted securely in the cloud or on-premise servers.

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Why Choose Document Options

Our compliant processes meet your data security needs. With over 20 years of experience, we are trusted archive scanning experts for organisations across all industries.

Our specialised services include mass document scanning and conversion, microfiche, microfilm and aperture card scanning, bulk image capture and OCR processing, cloud and on-premise hosting solutions, and secure records and data management.

We offer a wide range of document and information digitisation capabilities to meet diverse needs, whether it is high-volume document scanning, converting legacy film-based records, unlocking data in images, providing secure digital repositories, or managing sensitive information.

Our comprehensive services, expertise and technologies allow organisations to transform their physical documents and records into accessible digital formats integrated with modern systems and processes.

Whether you need to digitise employee files, technical drawings, healthcare records or historic documents, we can build a custom archive scanning solution tailored to your unique needs and collection types. Contact us today for a consultation.

Benefits of Archive Scanning

  • Preserves fragile and damaged materials by digitising
  • Improves organisation and searchability of collections
  • Retrieves archives from digital databases rapidly
  • Enables quick internal and external distribution
  • Consolidates physically to reduce storage needs
  • Backs up irreplaceable originals against loss
  • Allows new insights from searchable archived data
  • Integrates historical information into other systems

How Archive Scanning Works

Archive scanning involves a systematic process to digitise paper documents, microfilm, and other media into searchable digital formats. We collect boxes of documents, film reels, files or any other archive media from your location and securely transport them to our facility.

Documents are then carefully prepared and organised based on optimal workflow which may include separating pages, removing staples/clips, and cleaning or flattening delicate materials. Film media is cleaned, repaired if needed, and loaded into specialised scanners. We use advanced high-speed scanners optimised for each document type with speeds exceeding thousands of images per hour based on media and quality needs.

Final archives are formatted to your exact specifications including multi-page PDFs, searchable OCR text, standardised filenames, and preferred secure delivery methods. Our streamlined process allows accurate conversion of physical archives to digital while maintaining integrity and organisation. With decades of expertise across many archive types, we customise the workflow for the most efficient, high-quality scanning solution to meet your needs. Contact us to safely digitise your records.

Archive of documents

Archive Scanning Process


Step 1

Your boxes of documents, film reels, files or other archive media are securely transported to our scanning facility.


Step 2

Documents are carefully prepared based on the scanning workflow. This may include separating pages or removing staples to avoid damage during scanning.


Step 3

We use specialised high-speed scanners which are optimised for each document type. Speeds can exceed thousands of images per hour!


Step 4

The final digitised archives are formatted to your specifications. This may include multi-page PDFs or searchable content via OCR.

What Our Customers Say

Really helpful and friendly. I had a really tight deadline and they turned the work around really quickly. Brilliant service.
Steven Wilson
Steven Wilson
22 March 2023
Extremely efficient and excellent customer service. Also one of the only companies with a large flat bed scanner who have the skill to produce high quality images
Julia Hayes
Julia Hayes
15 July 2022
Great company to deal with, I dealt with Perry and Steve who were super-helpful. They have excellent knowledge and have been great support for our archive scanning needs for our business in Sussex. Would recommend!
Matthew Hall
Matthew Hall
30 June 2022
Very friendly and helpful staff
Jake Forshaw
Jake Forshaw
12 April 2022
Friendly staff and very helpful.
Timothy Tomsett
Timothy Tomsett
5 September 2019
Most helpful
Clive Firestorm
Clive Firestorm
27 July 2017

Archive Scanning FAQs

Do you supply quality archive storage boxes?

Yes, we do! Our Boxes are great and you can have as many as you require

Do you label and Bar Code the boxes for us?
My documents are in lever arch folders, with tabs and staples – is this ok?
How do you organise the scanned images?
Which digital file formats do you support?
How do I access my digital files once they have been scanned?
My documents are irreplaceable and fragile, how can I be sure they won’t’ be ruined?
How long does it take your retrieval team to locate my documents?
Are the scanned images checked for quality?
What is the difference between Secure Archive Storage, and Archive Scanning?

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