Document Options are specialists in helping organisations manage their documents. We provide world-class document scanning services, document scanning systems, and specialist document management software.

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For advanced applications, our experienced professional services team will work with your IT personnel and departmental heads to achieve successful integration with your line of business applications.

Whether you want to implement an in-house document scanning service, outsource to a professional document scanning centre or a combination of the two; we can help. If you wish to host documents on-premise or in the cloud, we can offer help, provide advice and demonstrate secure, robust, tried and tested solutions.

And we don’t just offer document scanning services and systems; we provide useful add-on services such as the storage and records management, secure shredding and recycling of paper documents; destruction of hard disk drives; document hosting; scanning and conversion of microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards.

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May I take this opportunity to express this department’s satisfaction in the efficient and professional manner you have displayed during the past hectic few months with handling hundreds of messy but essential files. Thank you.

BAE – John Mitton – Airworthiness Dept

Archive Scanning FAQs

Yes, we do! Our Boxes are great and you can have as many as you require

Every Job we do is booked into our system and given a Job number and each box barcoded so we know where it is in our process. We also number each box so it's easy for us to know for sure we have the right amount too!

That's not a problem. We will always discuss before we start any job what Preparation is needed to make the documents scanner ready. We remove any staples, paperclips etc and take documents out of folders. We can keep the tabs if required, scan the fronts of folders or do whatever is needed.

They'll be scanned in the same order that you provide them to us. That is unless you'd need them categorised or put into any specific order, which we are happy to do if required.

We can receive files in most of the common formats. These are Tiff, JPEG & PDF

There are various ways and we can do whatever suits your needs. We can return the files to you via USB or FTP for you to load onto your systems or we can upload them onto our Document Management System PaperVision for you to access them.

We make sure we take great care over every page to ensure they're looked after, our scanners have ultrasonic detectors on them that stops the scanner if there are any issues whilst scanning. Our Prep team make sure each page is flat and scanner ready, this means we fold over any corners, remove any post-it notes and generally make it as clean and nice as possible to ensure it is smoothly scanned.

If you have uniquely identified your boxes with numbers/values and can tell us what files you require then it can easily be located, and either returned, scanned and emailed to you or whatever you require. Usually, we can do this within a couple of hours

If however, you don't know where the file you need is, then, it might take us a little more time!

They are! We have a QA process at each step of the process. From scanning to indexing and then a final QA Check.

Each step we check the image quality to make sure the scans are a good representation of your original image, we can make changes when scanning to ensure the quality stays as good as possible. Once scanned and indexed we ensure a standard 5% check on all images but are happy to do 100% check if required.

We will always endeavour to check all images and rescan and correct if needed.

1. With our Secure Archive Storage service, we will store your physical documents in our secure warehouse. Your boxes will be barcoded into our system, and we will be able to retrieve, scan or destroy your documents on demand.

2. If you choose our Archive Scanning service, we prepare, scan and index your documents before they are placed into our secure warehouse as above. The digital files can be transferred to you via secure FTP or hosted online.

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