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Streamline your accounts payable workflows with our automated invoice scanning services. Our advanced OCR technology and automated processes can classify, capture data, and validate information from your paper and electronic invoices with speed and accuracy.

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Automated Invoicing

Why Choose Document Options

Automated invoice scanning eliminates the need for slow, manual data entry by your staff. Key information is automatically extracted from invoices and validated for accuracy. Scanned invoices are indexed and routed digitally to appropriate personnel.

Our automated invoice processing service provides an efficient digitisation solution optimised for streamlined workflows. Built-in rules and logic allow for automated exception handling and approvals during the invoice review process. Real-time dashboards give full visibility into invoice processing statuses for tracking and monitoring. Scanned invoices are stored in secure, searchable digital archives for easy access and retrieval. The invoice data extracted during scanning integrates directly into your ERP and accounting systems for posting and reporting. With automated data capture, routing, storage and system integration, we optimise invoice processing efficiency, security and insights.

Automation reduces invoice processing costs by up to 80% while accelerating cycle times. Compliance is improved with proper e-storage of scanned invoices. Let us optimise your process through fast, accurate automated scanning and extraction of invoice data.

Automated Invoice Processing Benefits

  • Streamlined workflows with automated rules and logic
  • Invoice data integration into ERP systems
  • Exception handling without manual intervention
  • Real-time tracking with processing dashboards
  • Secure digital invoice archiving and retrieval
  • Optimised efficiency through automation
  • Improved compliance and auditing
  • Strategic insights from digitised records

How Invoice Automation Works

Invoices are scanned using high-speed OCR scanners capable of intelligent data capture. Key information like amounts, purchase order numbers, dates etc. is automatically extracted from the invoice by the software. The captured data is validated against databases to ensure accuracy. 

Valid invoices are automatically routed via predefined workflows to approvers. Any exceptions or mismatches are easily flagged for review. Once approved, invoices are posted directly into your accounting system. All scanned invoices are stored in a secure digital archive that is easily searchable. Real-time dashboards provide visibility into invoice processing statuses. 

Machine learning algorithms continually improve the data extraction process over time. The automated scanning, data capture, routing and posting integrate seamlessly into your existing accounts payable systems and processes, eliminating manual steps.


Invoice Automation Process


Step 1

Scan invoices via high-speed OCR


Step 2

Extract key data like amounts and PO numbers


Step 3

Route digitised invoices for auto-approval.


Step 4

Post to accounting system and archive

What Our Customers Say

Really helpful and friendly. I had a really tight deadline and they turned the work around really quickly. Brilliant service.
Steven Wilson
Steven Wilson
22 March 2023
Extremely efficient and excellent customer service. Also one of the only companies with a large flat bed scanner who have the skill to produce high quality images
Julia Hayes
Julia Hayes
15 July 2022
Great company to deal with, I dealt with Perry and Steve who were super-helpful. They have excellent knowledge and have been great support for our archive scanning needs for our business in Sussex. Would recommend!
Matthew Hall
Matthew Hall
30 June 2022
Very friendly and helpful staff
Jake Forshaw
Jake Forshaw
12 April 2022
Friendly staff and very helpful.
Timothy Tomsett
Timothy Tomsett
5 September 2019
Most helpful
Clive Firestorm
Clive Firestorm
27 July 2017

Automated Invoice Scanning FAQs

Why Automate Your Invoice Processing?

There are many reasons that automated invoice processing can be valuable for your business. It can provide greater levels of efficiency and productivity across your finance department. It can make compliance issues far easier to deal with. And it can save your business a considerable amount of time and money.

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What is an approval process?
How do you receive our invoices for outsourced invoice processing?
Which financial systems are your invoice scanning services compatible with?
What are the objectives of automating invoice processing operations?
How many invoices does my company need to process per month to make it cost efficient?
Can your invoice processing service handle paper and electronic invoices?
Can your invoice processing service handle invoices in a range of different styles and formats?
How does Document Options start receiving our invoices?
What happens if the system received the same invoice or Purchase Order twice?
Minimising Time-Consuming Data Entry
How long does it take to setup an invoice processing system?
What data security measures do you have in place?
What happens if the system can’t read an invoice?
Does the system get better overtime?
Fast Invoicing Processing Times
What happens to my files once you have processed them?
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