Caffyns benefit from a document scanning and online hosting solution from Document Options.

Caffyns is one of the leading car dealerships in the South East of England with seven franchises at ten sites across Sussex and Kent. They offer a wide range of new cars and used cars for sale, corporate/business car services, car services & repairs, car parts and accessories, and Motability cars.

The Issue

Caffyns PLC has several locations across the South East with documents stored at various branches. Caffyns were keen to investigate ways to make operational improvements to the processing, handling, filing and long term storage of accounts documents. The desire was to process, store and archive company records in an efficient, effective method to save space, reduce the cost of processing, minimise the need for travel between branches and provide quick and easy access to the documents to save both time and money.

The Solution

After a series of meetings, trials and demonstrations, we recommended a highly popular document scanning and secure online hosting solution, called PaperVision© Electronic Document Management system for secure storage and retrieval.

We collect weekly batches of documents from the client, scan and index the documents and upload the document images to a secure web server, which is only accessible to approved Caffyns staff. Hard copy invoices are stored for up to 30 days during which time staff can check the scanned data for quality and completeness. Documents are not destroyed without written permission. Once instructions to destroy are issued, the materials are security shredded on our premises and the waste paper taken to a recycling plant.

The Benefits

The benefits of installing such a solution, in terms of decreased operating costs and increased efficiency became evident very quickly:

  • Replacing hard copy invoices with scanned images means supplier invoices can be found promptly on-line without the user leaving their desk
  • Direct access to quality data for senior managers and auditors
  • Low risk of error, loss or damage of data
  • Easy retrieval of data or documents across the Caffyn’s network
  • Hugely reduced manual processes save on staff costs
  • Secure password protected managed system
Hear from Tony and his staff

“Document Options is providing us with a tremendously effective process which has reduced the number of Accounts staff required to process invoices, and this saving has more than paid for the system, quite apart from the other efficiencies we have experienced right across the group, ” explained Tony Richards, Company Accountant & Regional Director.

Robert Flaherty, Accounts executive, commented, “The information is uploaded accurately, and I can now find any document I want from my desk!”

Document Options provide a range of document capture and data integration services to corporate clients using SharePoint, SAP, SAGE and Version One applications.

For further information, help and advice, please contact the Document Management Sales Team.

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It works very well and any problems we had getting used to the system were quickly sorted over the phone with the support team at Document Options.

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