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Document Options are proud to be an approved supplier of Digitech Systems ‘PaperVision Enterprise’ suite products. We have 15+ years’ experience with PaperVision and have watched it evolve to become one of the most comprehensive and advanced solutions on the market.

With such a broad range of applications PaperVision is divided in to a modular system, allowing users to pick, choose and add the areas that will benefit their business when required.

Securely Manage Information to improve Business EfficiencyControl access and increase information security using a simple, searchable Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. Enable automation and tracking of business processes throughout the information lifecycle.

PaperVision Enterprise delivers any document, anywhere, anytime – including email. Securely organise, store and retrieve information in the blink of an eye. Control and manage information of any kind in an easy-to-use, easy-to-implement Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.

Unlimited Scalability

PaperVision Enterprise can run on a single desktop computer or thousands of computers in distributed locations. Furthermore, the same application can reliably scale across multiple application servers, web servers and database servers, all of which can be leveraged, tiered and load-balanced to fit organisations of any size.

Intelligent Search

Easy-to-use, powerful search capabilities allows users to locate any information in seconds. Perform detailed searches with specified date and value ranges or very broad searches across multiple index fields or projects. Full-text search capabilities pinpoint key words within the content of the document. Users can also print, export and email documents individually or as a group.

Seamless Integration

PaperVision Enterprise works effortlessly with Microsoft Office-right out of the box. By implementing PaperVision Enterprise Tools, users can upload files directly and control document versions using Microsoft Office toolbars and menus. Even better, a point-and-click integration module and API capabilities enable seamless integration with virtually any application. Users won’t have to leave their line-of-business software to store and retrieve critical corporate data. Plus, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing all your important information is securely managed in the ECM system.

Capture, Integrate and Distribute Everything for LessWelcome to the next generation of information capture. PaperVision Capture does it all while saving you time and money. Whether you use PaperVision Enterprise, ImageSilo, another Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system or any other line-of-business application, PaperVision will improve efficiency and meet your unique needs.

Extraordinary Flexibility

PaperVision is designed to work out-of-the-box. Easy, intuitive setup gets you up and running in minutes not days. You can also customise your own system that will execute your ideal capture process. It includes not only automated routing, but also a point-and-click graphical designer to tailor your scanning and indexing for any process imaginable.

Maximum Productivity

PaperVision Capture is designed to minimise downtime. Regardless of where your data or people are located, smart, streaming file transfer allows users to begin processing batches immediately, reducing wait times and increasing productivity. Extensive auto-formatting, built-in quality control and verification features minimise keystrokes while support for multiple barcode formats and powerful optical character recognition (OCR) eliminates keystrokes altogether. So, PaperVision is your best choice for simple, yet high-performance capture.

Make standard business workflow operations easy to execute and easy to manage by electronically routing documents, alerting users of pending work assignments and tracking progress step by step using PaperVision  or ImageSilo.PaperVision WorkFlow is the ultimate in business process management. It enables businesses to fully automate standardised business processes, routing any document, anywhere, anytime, all while tracking the process and alerting users of new work assignments. As a result, this product is available with our on-premise (PaperVision Enterprise) and Hosted Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems.

Automated Processing

Users can be instantly notified when new assignments are available, and they are instructed on the tasks to be completed before the work-step can move forward. Workers can then make decisions with all the relevant data available at their fingertips. Therefore, these decisions translate into proper routing and timely assessments, which drive profitability, increase customer satisfaction and enable compliance.

Effortless Administration

Single or multiple PaperVision WorkFlow administrators can simultaneously manage an unlimited number of teams, projects and workflow instances from the comfort of their desktop or the convenience of the Web. Therefore, administrators can make absolutely sure that all requirements along the way are substantiated, completed within set timeframes and meticulously tracked. Since business practices change over time, modifications can be applied instantly, even to active processes already underway.

Detailed Reports

PaperVision Workflow processes are individually audited and immediately reported. View and print workflow tasks in their entirety or at any point during the transaction. Furthermore, the information about active processes is compiled in live, continually updated status reports. As a result, custom notifications alert supervisors of overdue or stalled documents, allowing them to reassign duties. Detailed reports help managers to identify bottlenecks and improve process efficiency.

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