Document Options can convert your existing HR paper records into digital documents and classify them under the correct section headings for all your employees.

Once your existing employee records are digitised, we’ll make it easy for you to manage and add all future documents to the system. You will no longer need to search through filing cabinets and archive boxes to find the right employee HR record.

Our HR Management solution is an effective, digital and low-cost option for controlling all your HR records. It also helps you achieve GDPR compliance by having all personal data in one flexible electronic system, that can easily be updated and managed.

Benefits of Digital HR Document Management:

• Audit trail for all employee activity, document retention dates stored and triggers reminders
• Improve efficiency and reduce costs significantly
• From a quick search, the user can provide employee-related information quickly and easily
• All personal data is protected by encryption of the system
• E-forms improve and speed up the process of capturing employee information
• Manage and control all HR updates
• Our ECM has role-based access control and protects private data
• Once captured all HR files are stored in a single location, including leaver files
• Workflow can be added for approving employee contracts

Find out how we helped The Civil Aviation Authority digitise thousands of aviation industry employee records and medical files – Case Study.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of digitising employee HR records, get in touch with our helpful team today.

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Digital HR Document Processing and Management

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Document Options digitised our HR records to reduce the time spent on manual handling documents and managing a paper-based filing system. The introduction of the 'PaperVision ECM System' greatly improves our capacity to access documents and ensure a high level of security. We have worked with Document Options for over 5 years now.

HR Document Management FAQs

Step 1. All HR records on paper and emails are collected as per schedule
Step 2. Prepare HR records based on client rules
Step 3. Digitise at 300 dpi and OCR to enable word search
Step 4. Capture employee name, number and DOB
Step 5. Validate against master data to ensure 100% correct
Step 6. Data and Images sent to the target system(s)
Step 7. Approval workflow can be built into the process
Step 8. Improve the process with E-Forms over time

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