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Finance, accounts and purchasing departments have traditionally been paper and labour intensive. By adopting modern document management in these paper intensive departments will improve access times to information, reduce filing space, reduce head count and ensure that business critical business data is securely backed up and available for business continuity in the event of a disaster.


The Document Management needs of the Finance and Purchasing Departments are usually met by line of business applications, often in conjunction with specialist Document Management software and desk top document scanners, and there is not always much scope for further economies. The business area in which the greatest productivity gains and cost savings are to be made is the processing of supplier invoices. In addition, by employing modern document management systems significant efficiencies can be achieved with impressive return on investment.

Supplier Invoices

Asking your suppliers to submit invoices electronically, say as attachments to an e-mail, sounds like a progressive step forward but in fact companies that have done this often find that they have created as many, if not more, problems than they had before and may not reduce processing times or achieve the desired savings at all.


We have proven systems that integrate supplier invoices in whatever form they are received into one workflow. So this means automated processes can be applied that will produce the advantages and cost savings listed above. Furthermore, our systems integrate with your existing line of business applications. We provide a number of on-premise solutions as well as offsite bureau services.


Much more detailed information is given under our sections headed “Document Scanning” and “System Integration & Workflow”.


  • Scan supplier invoices &customer remittances
  • Online approvals & workflow

Our Automated Invoice Processing captures either for the archival purposes or as part of a Digital Mailroom Solution.


Minimise data entry and manual handling to save money, qualify for discounts and avoid late payment penalties.


Document Workflow Software will greatly enhance your approvals process. Scanned copies of invoices can be viewed from any PC & approved online. Management information provides a clear process overview.


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