intelligent Business Process Management (iBPM)


Our secure cloud based iBPM Service uses intelligent capture and business process automation technology, to efficiently and effectively deliver a far more productive end-to-end process, reducing processing time and improving services.

Key Benefits:

1. Capture documents and data for downstream digital processes and business systems.

2. Reduce repetitive and mundane manual administration tasks.

3. Perform those current tasks in a better and far more effective way.

4. Drive down the likelihood of manual errors occurring within the process.

5. Reduce the burden on your IT with our innovative iBPM Service that is fast to implement.

6. Documents can be uploaded from anywhere in the world via our multichannel input.


What is it all about? Firstly our iBPM service does not store or retain data or documents; it is not a document management retrieval and storage system. We always route data and images to “line of business systems” and purge off the platform as soon as possible. It is not just a document and data capture service either; although as a capture tool it does everything you need and more, without the significant capital investment in processing hardware and intelligent capture software.


The multichannel input infrastructure caters for a variety of input methods. Your suppliers can load documents directly to the iBPM Service and the outcome for you is 100% accurate data delivered directly to your target business system.


Using supplier invoices as an example, header and line level data will be delivered straight into your accounting system with image files stored electronically in your system or ours. Keep in mind that our iBPM Service can be used for any document centric process where you would like to capture data and streamline those procedures operating around the core process.


Other tasks that could be undertaken by our iBPM service specifically for invoices are:

• Electronic format of invoice does not meet pre-agreed format – iBPM action – auto reject to supplier with comments.

• PO number provided has not been displayed on the invoice – iBPM action – auto reject to supplier confirming reason.

• The invoice number has been received before – iBPM action – auto reject to supplier highlighting the issue.

• Nominal code and cost centre to be linked to invoice – iBPM action – auto link codes to invoices on receipt.

• Where there is more than one cost code for a particular supplier – iBPM action – present list to user.

• Invoice sent electronically to user for approval – iBPM action – auto check spend limits and present to approver.

• Share invoices with user for a specific time period – iBPM action – Send link with a time period set against document.

• Supplier to view rejected invoices – iBPM action – Send document link along with reason for rejection.


The process flow can be as simple or as complex as your needs dictate. All our technical and sales staff are fully trained in Business Process Mapping, we offer to work with you to map new business processes or redesign existing processes.


Most companies automating and digitising processes find those exceptions are not always considered or optimised and continue to be a costly and time consuming overhead after “go live”. With our “intelligent automation” built into the overall process, exceptions can be streamlined so savings and efficiencies are quickly realised. If you would like to find out more about our iBPM Service and how we price so you only pay for what you use, please contact or call 01293 426677.

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