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Image Capture and Data Integration


We have helped hundreds of customers already by scanning their paper documents and converting them into electronic files. Scanning paper documents makes it quick and easy to route documents around the organisation. This provides users with an efficient method of filing, retrieving and archiving business records.


Further Efficiency

Significant further efficiency and savings in time and staff costs can be achieved by applying advanced document management techniques. We apply world leading recognition software that is programmed to identify, capture and extract critical data from the scanned image. Such data may be found in a wide variety of paper based business documentation such as application forms, examination papers or supplier invoices.


Having captured, verified, and extracted the data it can be used for reporting or analysis purposes. Alternatively, it can be exported to a line-of-business application such as SAP or Oracle or to our hosted on-line document management workflow system. Many customers are enjoying the benefits of extracting important data from paper documents and uploading the data to a workflow without the need for staff to handle paper documents. Our systems offer you a highly automated,  cost effective solution for dealing with incoming post, e-mails and their attachments and getting that important data into your business applications without manual intervention.


Of course there will be some documents that cannot be processed automatically and these will need manual intervention to check, validate or correct and QC. We deal with these instances by applying an exception handling procedure that is agreed in advance and rigorously followed. Documents that you receive in formats other than paper, such as electronic data or e-mail attachments, are handled in a similar way. The extracted data is fed into one merged workflow containing data from all sources.


Using our bureau services, where we have both the systems and the experience already in place; saves you space and staff costs; avoids capex; and will be implemented in less time and at lower cost than you could achieve yourself. Our start-up costs are minimal and recovered within a few months.

The Process

Successful image capture, data extraction and integration with line-of-business workflow or applications starts with a high quality scan. We achieve thus using world class IBML® and Kodak scanners operated by a fully trained and permanent team.


By ensuring we capture the highest possible image quality means the subsequent image processing software has the greatest chance of success. This reduces the need for exception handling and by keeping manual intervention to the minimum, you benefit from lower costs.


We use specialist software from ABBYY, Nuance and FIS. Each new customer application is subjected to a testing process to determine which image processing software gives the best results. From these software applications, we can output data in various formats. These can be uploaded into a workflow on our on-line, cloud based Document Management software or uploaded directly to your own line-of-business applications. Our Professional services team are available to help you integrate with SAP, Oracle, Version One, Sage and Exchequer.


Implementing a data capture process that integrates with your work flow or line-of-business application will save you time and money.

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