The days where the Accounts Payable team manually key invoices into your AP system are over.

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We can help you streamline your invoicing process using our intelligent invoice capture service and bespoke workflow. Once the invoice is approved, our smart automated invoice processing software can connect with your accounts software and import both header or line-level invoice data.

Our invoice processing and scanning service adds value to your organisation by significantly reducing the number of administrative steps, and the time it takes to process supplier invoices.

Find out how we help The Caravan and Motorhome Club automate invoice processing – Case Study.

Still not convinced? Here are some more key benefits:

  • Minimise the time it takes to add invoice data to your accounts software
    Remove the risks of errors with the process
    Standardise your invoice processes globally
    Increase invoice processing efficiency by 75%
    Empower your accounts team with instant access to documents and information
    Free up resources to work on other essential business projects
    Reduce document storage and retrieval costs

  • Take a look below and see how our automated invoice processing works:



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How our Automated Invoice Processing Software Works

Step 1 - Receipt of invoices at Document Options.
Email Email
Step 2 - Invoices are prepared, captured and processed using OCR invoice learning and auto-reference master data.
Guarantee Documents
Step 3 - Data is validated to ensure 100% accuracy and sent to your target systems(s).
Step 4 - Approval workflow can be built in to the process.
Step 5 - Sit back, relax and admire your automated invoice processing system in action

The automated invoice processing solution implemented by Document Options has completely transformed the efficiency of our purchase ledger process. It has saved time and improved efficiency all along the process.

Network Aviation Group

Automated Invoice Processing FAQs

There are many reasons that automated invoice processing can be valuable for your business. It can provide greater levels of efficiency and productivity across your finance department. It can make compliance issues far easier to deal with. And it can save your business a considerable amount of time and money.

Automating your invoices can save you a lot of money. The issue of manual processing is a big one; a large number of invoices are still received on paper, which means they have to be entered into your computer system. They then have to be tracked and checked. An automated invoice system can cut down on this time – and this creates savings, as it frees up your workers who can take on more valuable activities.

1. Our solution combines data from paper and electronic invoices into one work stream
2. The intelligent platform reads the invoice and captures data using AI learning technology
3. We can add master data into the system in the form of a dynamic lookup table.
4. Where the invoice data is not 100% correct it auto-transfers to validation for verification
5. The CSV or XML data is then transferred to the client and their accounts system updated
6. The electronic invoices can go to any line of business system the client requires.

We work with our customers to ensure invoices are delivered into your LOB system as required. Whether that be as soon as they are processed, at the end of the day so they are ready for processing the next morning by your accounts team or weekly. Everyone has different needs and we are happy to accommodate your requirements

This is the process where an invoice is approved by the original purchaser, a manager or both! Your staff make sure that the invoice matches what was ordered and all is correct before being passed to the accounts team to pay for the goods. You can have business rules built into the process to ensure that invoices with certain values and other features can go to different people automatically

With most companies now sending electronic invoices we can receive them via Email, either from yourself or like many customers, directly from the suppliers. You can also use FTP and even Online storage systems such as Dropbox. For any documents that are in paper form, they can be scanned and sent to us, sent to us directly from suppliers or a PO Box can be used. If you're local to us we can also collect documents using our own vans and delivery drivers.

Our Software produces XML & CSV files which can be customised to go into any accounting/financial system. The most popular ones are SAP, Sage (all Versions) & Oracle

The object for most companies is to make processing and paying invoices quicker and easier whilst cutting back on costs. The main goal of automating Invoice Processing is to ensure your staff can focus their attention on other tasks which can help grow your business and improve other processes, rather than taking time to process invoices. Just imagine how much more you could get done if you didn't have to worry about the invoicing!

There is no set amount of invoices needed to make your Invoice Processing more efficient. Whether it's 100, 1000 or 10000 per month our service will help eliminate those manual processes and free up more time and ensure you make cost savings.

Of course, electronic invoices are automatically able to go through the system in PDF, Tiff or JPEG format. Hard copy invoices can be scanned by us to PDF and then put through the system. We have plenty of scanners to be able to do this!

It can. Because our software is intelligent and doesn't rely on templates it's able to use that intelligence to work out where the fields like Invoice Number, Date Purchase order etc are and using OCR Technology read the invoice to ensure all data is captured. It also learns an invoice layout for each supplier so it knows where to look next time.

Because it is intelligent it's able to cope with all varieties of invoices and even if a supplier changes an invoice it will still find the correct information and then update it's learned knowledge to ensure it captures all information 100% correctly.

We set each client up with their own dedicated Email address so they can email their invoices into the system, or like some of our clients get your suppliers to email us directly.

We can also use FTP sites if needed

We have rules built in without our workflows that can check for duplicates and identify them. The rest is down to how you'd like to handle them! Because our workflow is custom built to your needs we can create any step that you'd like to manage this issue.

Data entry is one of the most time-consuming aspects of processing invoices. Automated invoicing software is not only able to speed up the processing of payments, it can also take away the need for staff to conduct data entry work. You can scan mailed, faxed, or printed invoices and they will be automatically populated into your system.

Once we understand your process and have a workflow approved it can take anywhere from 2-5 days depending on the complexity of your needs.

Typically from our first meeting to going live takes on average between 4-12 weeks

With the support of multiple high-security Microsoft Azure datacentres, Our Process assures users of round-the-clock security and reliability with guaranteed 99.95% uptime, in any time zone, anywhere the world. The data that passes through our servers uses AES-256 encryption, and all data communication is also encrypted with HTTPS protection – assuring optimum security, from start to end.

If it can't be read then it's handled by one of our team who will ensure that the data is manually captured with 100% accuracy. We can also teach the system how to learn an invoice through AI Training.

We have many clients who send us handwritten invoices which cannot be read by the OCR so these are done manually. It's still quicker than having one of your team doing it!

It does! It has AI Learning so the more it reads and invoice the better it gets...we've found that after 5-10 invoices it should be at optimum learning capabilities.

Manual invoice processing can be a lengthy procedure. It typically involves input and sign-off from a range of different people, and takes multiple steps to go through. Your invoice processing times can be significantly reduced with automated processing. Software can carry out the repetitive aspects of the process to speed things up significantly for your business, and this includes invoice scanning, invoice capture and much more.

What would you like to happen to them? Our software exports the invoices into PDF documents. These can be loaded into your LOB system, uploaded to our Document Management system "PaperVision" or any of your existing systems.

The data is held on our systems typically for 3 months before being deleted. This can however be kept for longer or deleted quicker depending on your requirements

The benefits of automated invoice processing count for more than just time and money; an automated invoice processing system can also help with compliance. Invoices are a vital aspect of tax compliance. Additionally, having fewer individuals with access to invoices and financial information can benefit data privacy compliance.

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