Enable your workforce to capture their expenses anywhere and anytime with our innovative expense claims manager.

Our platform is designed to help your business control and manage spend, capture receipt data, process expense claims and make better business decisions based on real time information.

Expense Claims Management – How it Works:
  1. Your staff members simply take a photo via their smartphone whenever they receive an expense receipt.
  2. The user simply confirms the total, selects a cost code from a drop down list and then send to the platform for processing.
  3. Expense claims submitted are sent as a link to the relevant manager for approval.
  4. Exceptions are easily handled without holding up the rest of the claim and at any time, claimants can see what stage their claim is at.
  5. Once approved, employees are notified and reimbursed correctly and promptly.
Company Benefits
  • Reduce costs – cut expense claims processing time for your Accounts team.
  • Simple and easy to use – data is automatically populated into a dynamic expense claim in real time.
  • Compliance – your HR policies can be configured within the solution.
  • Employee satisfaction – faster and more accurate reimbursement.
  • Achieve digital transformation – going paperless through web and mobile receipt submission.
  • Prevents delays and escalations – stop employees holding onto receipts and then submitting large expense claims.
Employee Benefits

It has never been easier for your employees to manage their expenses on the go. The Mobile app enables claimants to initiate the claims process and capture receipts from any smartphone or tablet device. Quickly take a picture and upload receipts at the time of spending and submit the expense trip for approval before returning to the office.

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