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What is business process automation (BPA)?

Business process automation (often referred to as BPA) involves automating a range of different day-to-day processes and tasks carried out by your business. Through streamlining and improving these processes it can increase efficiency within the company at the same time as minimising costs.

BPA uses advanced technologies to help businesses run more efficiently and effectively. By getting information to the right people at the right time, BPA can completely change how your organisation operates for the better.

It is also worth noting that BPA is different from business process management, which is a broader term that looks at the management of more complex processes that are generally organisation-wide.

What are the benefits of automating business processes?

There are many great reasons to invest in process automation as it can be an important part of the growth and success of modernising businesses. Specifically, automating processes can help to save your business time, money, and operating costs. Automating processes can result in:

  • A boost to company productivity
  • More transparency in business processes
  • Faster turnaround time and lower costs
  • Easier monitoring of processes and their effectiveness
  • Employees can be re-directed to more important tasks

Automating business processes can play a role in a larger digital transformation, as your company is able to get more from digital and online services. It can also be hugely helpful in the streamlining and standardising of work carried out at your business – this can be especially important as you grow. And through the planning in automating the process, you gain a better understanding of how it works and how to improve it.

This might seem complex, but the outcome is often extremely simple and hugely beneficial: staff who might have previously had to deal with repetitive tasks can have the time freed up for more business-critical operations. Customer satisfaction is increased because your business is able to offer a faster and more effective service.

What are some examples of process automation?

There are many different types of BPA and it is important to understand which are right for your business. It can apply to many different sectors across a wide range of tasks with hugely varied outcomes. Some key examples of process automation include:

  • E-mail and push notifications
  • Creating customer reports and case studies
  • Company helpdesk
  • Migrating, backing up and restoring data
  • Employee leave requests
  • Procurement
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Invoicing, sales orders, payroll and more

For a more detailed look at how BPA can be utilised in specific situations, here are a couple of examples:

  • Onboarding employees – while onboarding might seem like a fairly simple task for businesses, it can actually be far more complex than you might think. From the filling out of forms to the organising of induction and training, right through to collecting documents and ensuring correct personal details are in place – there are many things to think about, and therefore many things to forget. Through BPA, you can be sure that these tasks are carried out automatically through necessity rather than having the chance that they could be accidentally missed out. Failing to have these issues automated can lead to employees spending a large amount of time trying to fix mistakes, and result in lower productivity for the member of staff coming on board. With BPA, the small details are dealt with, leaving HR personnel free to provide more important details and information pertaining to the specifics of the role.
  • Purchase orders – these are a common feature in organisations – and once again they involve many little steps. None of them are especially complex, but they are time-consuming and elements can be forgotten. Without process automation, there can be delays and errors in the purchase orders, which can have a much wider impact down the line. When BPA is introduced it can create accountability and traceability for each order, as well as ensuring that nothing is missed.

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How to implement business process automation

Implementing BPA can take time, and it is important to make sure that you are putting the right processes in place that are going to be of most benefit to your business. It can be most beneficial to work with specialists such as Document Options. We can ensure that the range of BPA services we provide to you allow for the most seamless solution to be highly beneficial to your business.

Every business is different so it is important for BPA specialists to get to know your company before any recommendations are made.

How does business process automation work?

BPA is entirely specific to the company – as these processes can be very different depending on the circumstances of the organisation. Typically, with BPA it is important for the company to start with a clear understanding of which processes need automating and who is responsible for them. It is also vital to have specific goals relating to the process.

Adjustments should be made slowly and analysed to understand if the BPA has been effective. And, of course, it is worth pointing out that ready-made solutions should be used where possible.

What tools or software is used?

This entirely depends on the process that is being automated, and what you are trying to achieve with the BPA.

Can business process automation be integrated with other services?

Yes, BPA works best when it is considered alongside a range of other operations and digital transformation. We actively encourage broader solutions that take into account many different aspects of business document management. Our team has expertise in a wide variety of document services, and can manage all of this for you.

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Business Process Automation Services

Intelligent Business Process Management

Our intelligent Business Process Management suite of services enables your organisation to automate any document-based process.

Robotic Process Automation

Perform repetitive business processes faster than a thousand humans with our clever computer 'robots'.

Automated Invoice Processing

Are you looking to save time and reduce costs in AP by automating your invoice processing?

Digital Mailroom

Automatically route post and mail to the correct recipient in electronic format.

Distributed (Networked) Scanning Systems

Keep your document and content management systems updated with distributed document scanning.

HR Document Management

Modernise your HR department and store employee documentation in a secure central location to assist with GDPR.


Modernise your processes with smart electronic forms.

Intelligent Automation

Our intelligent automation solutions have Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning built in.

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