Top 7 benefits of document management systems


Streamlining your documentation process is a great way to make life easier for you and your company. From removing the need for physical storage of documents to improving workflows, there are many benefits to implementing a document management system, Let’s take a closer look at how a Document Options Document Management System can benefit your company or organisation.

1. Creating a workflow based on best practices

No two documents are the same and each one commonly serves a different purpose. It’s for that reason that document management systems must be designed around the best practices of a given business, as there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Control systems in a document management system are put in place to allow you to create a dedicated workflow based on your processes. This means the software can be adapted to how your business runs rather than the other way around, where you might otherwise have to change how you operate to accommodate. For this reason, we provide Document Management Services that offer a bespoke system tailored to meet the requirements of your business.

2. Selecting important document identifiers

The beauty of working with a bespoke document management system is the ability to segment data and information that categorises each document.

Identifiable information that helps companies find their data from documents more quickly includes:

  • Owners and authors
  • Document review date
  • Categories
  • Keywords

All of this information can be used to filter and search while also extrapolated for reporting and categorising each document. Being able to configure your data to match your company’s specific requirements ensures that your document management system meets your needs.

3. Seamless integration with all file formats

Your business deals with more than just Word, Excel and Powerpoint and our document management system is equipped to deal with file types of various formats. With the ability to convert text from documents into data, our document management system makes for seamless integration and comprehension of information. An integrated document management system ensures that when one change is made on a document it is visible to everyone.

4. Save time by directing documents to the right people

One of the inefficiencies of physical documents is the lack of control over where they go and who sees them. A document management system can help prevent bottlenecking where one person gets overloaded with paperwork, especially if they don’t even need to see it.

Instead, documents can be delivered digitally to those who need them as highlighted by routing and delegation rules created from the get-go. This means they only get sent to those with the authority to process them if necessary. It prevents a document from sitting on the desk of someone without the authority to sign it off for days and can be completed instantly.

5. Training is made easier

Not only is it possible to provide training documents to those who need them with greater ease, a document management system can automatically:

  • Update employee training records
  • Track post-training results and goals
  • Understand who needs training in specific areas

From induction forms to training, our Business Process Automation makes it possible to help modernise your business through digital technologies. Training programmes can be developed automatically, ensuring that HR staff don’t lose time tracking down missed documents or incorrectly trying to train employees when an update is specific to just one department.

6. Secure document control

Companies may be using digital software such as Word to create their documents but there must be an element of control over them. An effective document management system allows for regular adaptations and changes but it is limited to authorised users only. It ensures that nobody can make unauthorised changes and that any changes to documents can be made remotely.

This creates consistent and efficient document control that is customisable to your specific organisational needs. Data protection and security are now fundamental to the way we work in the modern world. With restricted access to documentation, your organisation can comply with data protection compliance regulations such as GDPR to ensure there are no data breaches.

7. Reporting

The beauty of having lots of data is that it makes for detailed reports. But, if much or all of your data is in physical document form it quickly becomes an arduous process to gather all of that information. With your data from documents and forms gathered automatically through an automated system, such as document scanning, that information suddenly becomes available much more quickly.

From expenses reporting to the creation of electronic forms for further information gathering, integrated document management is the key to increasing reporting efficiency. By capturing all of your information digitally, no data is lost which ensures that your reports are completely accurate. That allows for a better understanding of the strategic requirements of your organisation and where the priorities lie for improvement.

Document management systems with Document Options

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