The benefits of a digital mailroom

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It may be the case that your business has utilised a traditional mailroom for many years, and this has been generally successful for the company. However, as operations have become increasingly digitised and especially in light of the pandemic, more and more staff are working from home on a regular basis.

In this situation, having a traditional mailroom can actually be a significant problem, as key information and communications can become significantly delayed. Making the switch to a digital mailroom might seem like a huge organisational change, and one that you shouldn’t take lightly. However, doing so can have a number of key benefits for your business.

A digital mailroom is a fairly simple concept; incoming mail is scanned and is then transferred digitally to its intended recipient. Here we take a look at some of the important benefits of switching to a digital mailroom.

Faster and more efficient

A key advantage of digitising your mailroom is that it allows mail to get to its intended recipient more quickly. Mail can be scanned the instant it arrives in the building and it can then be sent digitally in seconds.

This is a huge difference from a traditional mailroom where the sorting and delivering of mail to individuals may only be carried out at certain times during the day. Ultimately, this can make a very positive change in your ability to respond quickly to new mail that comes in.

No need for manual data entry

One of the common concerns about the switch to a digitised system is that it can take a great deal of time-consuming data entry. However, it generally isn’t necessary for documents to be scanned manually. The digital mailroom can make use of automated processes and advanced technology in order to collect the data required for a document quickly and accurately.

Reduced need for storage space

Rather than having to dedicate a large amount of physical space to the storage of documentation, digital mailrooms digitise everything for you. Ultimately, this can be hugely beneficial as it can free up expensive office space and save you money.

Better customer service

It stands to reason that if your business gets key documents faster, it will be able to provide a higher quality of customer service. Queries and issues can be dealt with faster, and automated communication can also provide customers and clients with peace of mind.

Improved data security

Making the switch to digital documentation takes away one of the key security issues – in that it ensures that paper documents cannot be lost or stolen, and there is a full audit trail for the movement of documentation.

Accessed from anywhere

Another huge advantage for the digital mailroom is the fact that staff can be sent documents no matter where they are. These digital documents can be accessed from anywhere in the world, meaning there is no delay for remote staff.

How does a digital mailroom work?

In principle, a digital mailroom works by having your mail routed to a digital mailroom supplier every morning. The documents are then immediately scanned at the facility and sent on the people they are intended for. Digital mailrooms can handle all types of paper and electronic documents and all have perfect clarity thanks to high quality scanned technology.

If you are interested in learning more about digital mailroom services and incorporating them into your business, the team at Document Options has years of experience providing digital mailrooms for businesses. We would be happy to talk to you through any queries you might have and provide you with a quote – please contact us today.

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