How Document Management Systems Improve Manufacturing Processes

While it might seem like the world is moving to a service-based society thanks to the popularity of digital organisations, manufacturing remains one of the most important industries we have. Any world economy relies on the power of its manufacturing, and in the UK the biggest manufacturers make tens of billions of pounds each and every year.

With such an importance placed on manufacturing, and competition for most companies coming from every direction, streamlining the process where possible is essential. Ford solved the problem of slow productivity by introducing its production line over 100 years ago but other manufacturing issues have needed resolving since.

Today, we’re tackling the inefficiencies of the manufacturing process and how document management systems can help.

What is a document management system?

Document management systems and solutions allow businesses to streamline processes by securely hosting their documents online. They put all of a company’s important documents and data into one easy-to-access location, converting any paper documents into a digital format.

By streamlining and automating processes that involve paper and electronic documents, companies save themselves valuable time and can focus their attention on other areas of the business.

Ultimately, efficiency is the name of the game in manufacturing and many companies are moving to introduce as much automation in their processes as possible. With so many elements of the manufacturing process already done by robots and computers, the next step is to reduce the amount of paperwork.

The importance of data in manufacturing

For manufacturing companies to manage their processes effectively, they need to collect as much raw data as possible. The more information they have, the better they can comprehend where their processes are slow and where they work best.

Being able to read and understand all of that information is important and in paper form it represents a lot of hard work. Crunching numbers, flitting between one sheet and another and comparing historical records takes time when using physical documents. Then there is the problem of where to store all of that paperwork.

Collecting data in one location

Document management systems help do away with mountains of paperwork, ensuring that all of the information you need is in one convenient place, accessible whenever needed.

Effective data management allows manufacturers to overcome common problems like predicting demand for their products, staying on top of their inventory and managing sales and resourcing. Ultimately, getting a handle on the important data and improving processes helps a manufacturer to become more efficient and cost effective.

Document scanning

Document scanning saves on storage space as physical copies don’t have to stick around. This ultimately saves on cost since the sooner a document is scanned the less it costs to store.

Using state-of-the-art technology, document scanning can capture business-critical data, free up archive space and convert old paper records into PDFs. Given that document scanning can convert high volumes of data, it is perfect for the swathes of information manufacturing companies generate.

Providing real-time feedback

Manufacturing companies must deal with many unknowns and it can be troublesome trying to keep on top of them, plus there is the added complication of fierce competition for contracts. A document management system gives manufacturers the ability to make better informed decisions based on the live insights they gain.

With less time needed to strategise and more time focusing on achieving results, manufacturers who use document management software and systems are better placed to succeed than their competition.

Better resourcing

Manufacturing processes are continuously changing, adapting and improving. It means that staff training records must be maintained to help manage workflow and understand who can work in which department.

An integrated document management workflow system allows a manufacturing company to give and restrict access to the necessary documentation, ensuring only those who need to see it do.

At a glance, employees can see what tasks they have to do, while HR can gain a better overall view of invoices, expenses and employee leave. With a tighter control of documents, companies can also protect important data, ensuring that it isn’t seen by those who don’t need to see it.

How Document Options can help

Here at Document Options, we specialise in business process automation techniques that transform the day-to-day tasks and processes in a company. From streamlining workflows to tracking employee time and attendance, our automation techniques can help your company grow and transform.

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