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Contex HD Ultra X Scanner

We recently purchased a brand new large format scanner, the Contex HD Ultra X 4250 to ensure that we can cope with the changing landscape of Large Format Scanning.

Capable of scanning 519 Colour Documents per hour and 875 Mono per hour, up to 42 inches wide and up to 1.5cm thick, which can include any material such as canvas, cardboard and even metal, to create a high resolution digital image.

This scanner will enable us to continue to provide the ability to scan Technical drawings like everyone else but with the advantage of being able to offer unique scanning opportunities to artists and alike and the capability to digitise more than ever, ensuring that it is cost effective and easy

In an increasingly digital world, there is still the need, and want for people to capture archive and legacy documents and we have ensured that we are able to not only do that, but be able to do it to the highest standard possible.

Another benefit is that we are also able to produce high quality prints from those scans with our Sister company Lollipop Print, in the same building. Whether it be a Fine Art Print, canvas, flyers, brochures or even an eco-friendly board, that high quality scan, can be a high quality print.

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