intelligent Business Process Management (iBPM)


Would you like to be able to cut high administration or operational costs or improve processes and services? Without the lengthy wait and involvement of your own IT infrastructure and software development teams?

Our innovative intelligent Business Process Management (iBPM) secure cloud-based service can help solve this problem quickly and efficiently, as it is capable of:

  1. Reducing repetitive manual administration tasks.
  2. Performing the task in a better and different way.
  3. Driving down the likelihood of manual errors occurring in the process.

Our iBPM Service
What is it all about? Firstly our iBPM service does not store or retain data or documents, it is not a document management retrieval and storage system. We always route data and images to “Line of Businesses Systems” and purge off the platform as soon as possible.

It is not just a document and data capture service either; although as capture tool it does everything you will need, without the significant capital investment in processing hardware and intelligent capture software.

Let’s take a common process that most clients have; invoice processing and explain how this works: Keep in mind that our iBPM platform can be used by any business for any process.

Firstly multichannel input infrastructure caters for a variety of input methods, including mobile. Your suppliers can load invoices direct to the iBPM and the outcome for you is 100% accurate data delivered directly to a Line of Business system. For invoices, this can be both header and line level data straight into your accounting system and your invoices could be stored electronically in your system or ours.

Some of the other tasks that could be undertaken within our iBPM Service relating to invoices are:

  • Electronic format of an invoice does not meet the pre-agreed criteria; auto reject to supplier with commentary.
  • The Supplier has no agreement to provide services; auto reject to supplier with feedback.
  • Where the supplier is unknown it could be processed as a one-time vendor.
  • No PO Number displayed on invoice; auto reject to supplier confirming reason.
  • The invoice number has been received before; auto reject to supplier highlighting the issue.
  • Automatically add a nominal code to the invoice.
  • Give options for nominal codes to be selected.
  • Invoices auto checked against spend limits are sent to single or multiple internal approvers.
  • Time limits on links can be set for viewing and approving invoices.
  • Any invoices rejected can be viewed by the supplier, to assist confirmation.

The client can make the process flow as simple or as complex as they require.

All our technical and sales staff are fully trained in Business Process Mapping, we work with clients to map new business processes or redesign existing processes. This could even start with a web form on Facebook and data routed to your line of business system.

Most companies are looking at automating processes only to find those non-standard exceptions are left behind. However, they will still incur significant ongoing costs after the project has been completed so our iBPM service has been designed with this in mind.
If you would like to find out more about our iBPM service and how the pricing model has been designed to suit your business requirements, please contact Louise Fenn, or call 01293 426677.

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