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From a medical standpoint, achieving colour depth and high detail in the scans is of extreme importance. Simple, low cost scanners and standard scanning software does not meet the requirement. We employ a professional flatbed X-ray scanner in conjunction with specialist “SilverFast Scanning Software”. As a result, we’re able to capture excellent results from medical x-rays up to 16” x 20”.


The high-quality digital x-ray images are ideal for archiving, for diagnostic purposes or collaboration with other medical professionals and for discussions with patients. In addition to scanning medical x-rays the same scanning equipment and software is used to scan QA and engineering x-ray scans checking for stress fractures used by manufacturing industry.


Scanned images can be returned in a variety of file formats and by a variety of data delivery methods. After scanning we can arrange secure disposal of the X-rays. Furthermore, we can reclaim and recycle the high silver content found in the destruction process. Consequently, X-rays are very heavy and transport costs can be high.


If you’re looking for an X-ray scanning company please call us now to speak to a document scanning specialist.

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