Whether you have a regular requirement for confidential shredding or just a one off request, look no further. We can help your business with our secure shredding service.

Regardless of the shift towards storing data electronically; every business still receive, generate and store important information in paper format. When the lifespan of that document is up, it is crucial that you choose a professional shredding service to ensure your data doesn’t get in to the wrong hands.

Our secure Document shredding services are fully compliant to BS EN 15713 : 2009 – Standard for Secure Destruction of Confidential Material. Unlike many other suppliers our entire document shredding services take place at our secure premises. Once shredded, paper waste is delivered to a paper recycling centre.

Document types you need to shred:
• Tax returns
• Financial records
• Customer lists
• Photo IDs
• Bank statements
• Payroll records
• Credit card information
• Copies of sales receipts
• Documents that includes name, address, phone number or email
• Employment records

Benefits and reasons for shredding:

1. It’s the law
Laws and regulations such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have stepped up requirements for managing data. With strict enforcement levels and hefty financial penalties it is important to be fully compliant with the law. Having an accredited document shredding service as part of your business process is a must.

2. Protect your business and customers
Thousands of organisations and millions on individuals suffer each year from identity theft and fraudulent activity; often to devastating effect. It is therefore essential that you securely store sensitive documents whilst in your possession, and ensure they are correctly disposed of once no longer required.

3. Don’t forget your employees
As well as customers and consumers, employees expect you to keep their sensitive data secure and have the same legal rights as everybody else. Employment records, payroll information, health records and any other document that contains personal information needs to be disposed of correctly.

4. You’ll save space
Lots of businesses have entire rooms and banks of filing cabinets full of old paper records. By using our secure document shredding service you can free up precious office space at little cost, with peace of mind that any confidential data has been destroyed.

We also offer Hard Disc Drive, CD & DVD Destruction Services.

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I would like to express our appreciation for the helpful and efficient way Document Options assisted us. Your efforts ensured we met the time scales to vacate these premises with several million documents collected and processed.

Nat West – D J Heath – Manager

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