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What is OCR?
OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, a technology that allows us to convert your documents into text searchable documents. Scanning paper documents is all well and good, but transforming them into fully searchable digital images is even better.

Benefits of OCR
There are tons of advantages for OCR. The main benefits are increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your workforce and client base. The ability to instantly search and share captured data is hugely useful, especially in an office environment. The whole process is PDF based, which means there’s no expensive software to download, and everyone can use and access the documents with ease.

Specific document types such as contracts, correspondence files and legal files lend themselves to be retrieved using background text searches. Other documents may be adequately indexed and retrieved using index values.

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I would like to express our appreciation for the helpful and efficient way Document Options assisted us. Your efforts ensured we met the time scales to vacate these premises with several million documents collected and processed.

Nat West – D J Heath – Manager

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