Digitise your Microfiche and Microfilm archive and take advantage of modern document management techniques.

Using specialist scanning systems and software, we can capture all standard microfiche and microfilm formats. We are a leading UK specialist for microfiche and microfilm conversion services. At Document Options, we can digitise microfiche and microfilm frames to produce electronic images, which can then be viewed digitally on a PC and shared via an Intranet or the Internet. We can provide this service at our Document Processing Centre’s or your premises.

Common formats we can handle include:

  • 16 & 35mm roll microfilm
  • 3M type cartridge microfilm
  • Microfiche and microfilm Jackets
  • Aperture Cards

For most organisations, microfiche and microfilm are considered a dated storage method. Users often experience difficulty with reproduction equipment that is temperamental, difficult to maintain and costly to replace. We can take all of these problems away from your business.

We have systems to scan into industry standard image formats such as PDF, TIFF or JPEG. Once scanned, the images can be imported into a document management system or securely transferred to your line of business system.

Make your microfiche and microfilm documents searchable with OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Once the images have are scanned, we can process them with specialist software to make them searchable in PDF or Microsoft Word format.

Our fiche and film scanning systems can capture all sizes and formats. If you have old drawings and plans we can process them, then save the image as a PDF, TIFF or JPEG. Images can be individually indexed and saved with specific drawing numbers, sheet references, issue dates and titles.

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Please convey my thanks to everyone concerned for the excellent response and substantial support given by Document Options with the conversion of microfilm to electronic data.

Solartron Metrology – H C Paige – Technical Secretary

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