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High Quality Large Format Scanning Service in black and white, greyscale or in full colour for drawings, maps or plans up to and larger than A0 size


For over 40 years Document Options has been helping companies save space by microfilming engineering drawings and architects plans. With a long standing specialist experience in handling drawings and a large, architectural, construction and engineering customer base it was a natural progression that the company would be at the forefront of introducing large format drawing scanning as soon as large format drawing scanners were available.

Free up office space

Drawing cabinets, particularly plan chests, take up considerable space while containing relatively few drawings. The cost of scanning drawings in plan chests can be easily justified on floor space savings alone. Drawings in vertical filing cabinets make more efficient use of floor space but the scanning cost can be justified on space savings, ease of access and lower printing costs. In all cases, scanning makes it easy to produce a backup copy of the drawing data.


Improve search and access times, and remove wear and tear to manual drawings.

Scanned drawings can be indexed by multiple references and stored on a database on your network or in the cloud. This means that your staff can access drawings quickly from any location with network or internet access.

Increase portability

Scanned images can be emailed or printed on any network connected wide format printer. Many of our clients use portables devices and tablets to access thousands of drawings that we have scanned. Our popular, secure, cloud based systems accommodate additional drawings, updates and revisions. CAD files and Microsoft documents can be integrated and displayed in their native format. Network systems can also be kept up to date by synchronising using docking stations. Most of our clients however have now moved to our cloud based system.


Scanned images are simple raster files and contain no intelligence. Raster files can be vectorised which means that sophisticated software examines adjacent pixels and recognises those that comprise part of a vector – a line, a circle or an arc. The file is then saved in a vector format such as DXF or DWG. The vector file can be opened in a CAD system where it can be used as the basis of a brand new drawing. Alternatively, it can be amended, up-issued and saved as a new revision.

Vectorising raster or scanned images saves time because scanned images can be converted into a format that can be manipulated wit in a CAD system. This avoids the time and cost of completely redrawing the whole image.

For further information about Large Format Scanning Service please contact our Document Management Sales Team today.

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