We scan and digitise drawings, maps and plans up to and larger than A0 size. If you have a collection or archive of large format plans, we will work with you to scan and index them to your exact requirements.

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Benefits of Large Format Scanning:

1. Free up office space:
Drawing cabinets, particularly plan chests, take up much space while containing relatively few drawings. Make this space available to your workforce by digitising drawings and plans.

2. Improve search and access times:
Scanned drawings can be indexed by multiple references and stored on a database on your network or in the cloud. This means that your staff can access drawings quickly from any location with network or internet access.

3. Increase portability:
Scanned images can be emailed or printed on any network connected wide format printer. Many of our clients use portables devices and tablets to access thousands of drawings that we have scanned. Our popular, secure, cloud-based systems accommodate additional drawings, updates and revisions. CAD files and Microsoft documents can be integrated and displayed in their native format. Network systems can also be kept up to date by synchronising using docking stations. Most of our clients, however, have now moved to our cloud-based system.

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Large Format Scanning FAQs

We can scan anything up to 36 Inches in width (that's 94cm) and around 3mm in height. We can scan any length document, the longest has been around 6 metres so far!

We can indeed!

We can scan up to 1200DPI but generally, we'd recommend 300 DPI as we think that's the best mix of quality over the size of an image

We have a top of the range roller fed scanner. This means the image is pulled through the scanner by rollers (don't worry they're gentle) and the image captured

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