Flatbed Scanning

The Document Options Flatbed Scanning System is a high resolution, cost effective solution for scanning maps, documents & paintings up to A0.


Using traditional paper document scanners means pages are either hand fed or machine fed from a stack of papers, and transported by a series of rollers through the scanner, over a stationary scanning head and into an output tray. Document scanners are available in a range of size and this flatbed scanning method is quick and efficient for business records up to A3 size or drawings, maps or plans up to A0 size.


Some documents may not be suitable for scanning on a traditional scanner. This may be because the documents are too fragile, too rare or valuable. Alternatively, there may be a physical limitation such as the size or thickness of the original. This prevents the use of a traditional document or drawing scanner.


For such applications we have a large format flatbed scanning system capable of scanning documents up to A0 size in B & W or colour. Documents are illuminated from above and scanned using the reflected light – the documents we scan on this device are opaque. This process is not suitable for transmissive scanning.


Each document is handled individually and carefully placed on the large flat scanner table. The scanner head is mounted on a vertical column. The scanner incorporates electronic zoom and focus functions. The head can also be electronically raised or lowered to adjust the image capture area.  The 60mm lens features excellent depth of field to allow 3D objects and artefacts to be scanned. The imaging software we use is the world leading SilverFast capture software from LaserSoft that provides the operator with an excellent range of tools to perfect every scan.


The operator is able to conduct as many trial scans at different settings to achieve the best result. This is done without needing to touch or move the document reducing unnecessary handling and potential damage to the document.


Scanning Tithe Maps

A speciality of ours is scanning Tithe maps; very old, delicate and unusual size maps. The technique lends itself though to capture any large, rigid, fragile or valuable document that cannot be scanned on a traditional scanner.Other unusual projects have included scanning fabrics, pictures painted on board and mounted photographs.


Our Flatbed scanning system is primarily a method for archiving, record keeping and disaster recovery purposes. Where the requirement is for subsequent high quality print production, magazine printing and similar, you should consider a drum scanner. We will be pleased to conduct trial scans and to offer advice as to the best process for your requirement.


Technical Specification of Flatbed Scanner
  • 1 triple CCD Line
  • 8192 x 12000 pixels
  • SLR Viewfinder
  • Single pass scanner
  • Capture Software – Silverfast

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