Digital Mailroom – Automating Your Daily Post Routines.

Our Digital Mailroom services transform a slow & laborious paper-based handling procedure into a slick automated business process – increasing speed and quality whilst lowering your costs. So in its simplest form we can receive your post, open and scan it and send it to the intended recipient.


Many customers are now taking this process to the next stage and achieving further savings in time and staffing levels. By combining document scanning and data capture techniques we can automate the classification and distribution of post within your company.


Certain applications are suitable for further automation by extracting data and exporting the data to other line of business applications such as SAP.


Our digital mailroom can handle both the paper documents you receive in the post as well as electronic documents you receive.  Furthermore, we can receive electronic files via dedicated e-mail addresses, apply the same recognition and data processing techniques as we apply to the scanned images and merge both data sources into one unified workflow. Streamlining and simplifying the workflow results in lower headcount and reduced operating cost.

Benefits of adopting Digital Mailroom techniques:
  • Improve efficiency and customer service
  • Automate and speed up business processes
  • Reduce storage and manual handling
  • Covered by SLA and quality guarantee

How our Digital Mailroom Services Work

Documents are received at our secure premises via a dedicated PO Box number or collected by our van network. Documents are sorted, prepared and scanned by a trained team, according to your business rules. Exceptions are out sorted and handled as per your instructions. Documents can be scanned with post and pre-scanning imprinting to show the date and time that the document was scanned. Also, a batch code can be added as an option. Once scanned, the original documents may be delivered to you, stored for a fixed period then securely destroyed, stored permanently in archive boxes, or filed into fire proof safes.


We have the infrastructure and capacity to deal with high volume document scanning requirements within tight deadlines. Furthermore, we also have the tools to ensure quality consistency and integrity of data. This is backed up by service level agreement and dedicated account management.


Our team are happy to work closely with you to help define the solution that you need. We will provide firm pricing and detailed information to help you make your decisions. Our Professional Services team are responsible for implementation, integration, training and support.


For a document to be admissible it has to meet two criteria – it has to be relevant and legible. There is also a third – the document has to be available and you have to be able to locate it. Our scanning procedures comply with BS 10008 – the standard that helps organisations maximise the reliability of their information.

For further information regarding our digital mailroom, contact us today to speak to a document management specialist.

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