Capturing data makes it quick and easy to route around the organisation and provides users with an efficient method of filing, retrieving and archiving business documents.

Advanced text recognition capabilities mean we can confidently extract data from paper records to integrate with your line of business applications saving you time and money.

Outsourcing your data capture

The process of manually capturing data from your business documents is inefficient, error-prone and time-consuming. You can benefit from significant efficiencies and savings by outsourcing the process to Document Options.

Why have teams of people on site to capture information and data when you can outsource it to us? We can do it faster, more accurately and at a lower overall cost to your business.

We capture and verify your data using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and a range of traditional techniques. We then transfer the captured data straight to your line of business system(s).

All the technology that we use a backed up with an experienced and highly skilled validation team so that we deliver 100% accurate data.

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The service they provide gets better and better each year. It is unlikely that this complex scanning and data extraction project could be carried out in the time-frames required and as efficiently as needed without the input of Document Options.

Kent County Council – Dr Tony Anderton

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