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Organising business processes into streamlined workflows reduces processing time and reduces staff levels. It can also results in lower transaction costs to increase business profits. Documents entering a workflow often arrive in a variety of formats including paper, e-mail attachments etc. and this results in multiple or more complex workflows than is ideal and increases transaction costs. Scanning incoming paper documents is the first stage in simplifying a workflow. This means paper documents can be merged into the same document management workflow software as data received in electronic format. Processes can then be automated and cost savings can be achieved.


Internal functions such as Accounts Payable, departmental invoice routing and mail room management are well suited to an inbound document management scanning solution.

More advanced applications build upon this simple scan-on-receipt solution by extracting the necessary data from the scanned image. Data can then be integrated with line-of-business applications such as SAP or SAGE. Therefore, using our scanning technology and advanced document recognition, verification and extraction systems enables our customers to process a high proportion of documents without any staff intervention.


Many companies scan a document post-processing which amounts to a business cost for the purposes of filing and retrieval. Scanning on receipt gives opportunities for significant business savings.

The Benefits

Improve efficiency and control with a document management workflow software. Move documents intelligently and automatically through your business and enable substantial benefits. Document scanning is the first stage in capturing those documents received into the business in paper form and extracting the data for easier, lower cost processing.

  • Automate document based processes
  • Improve management control
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Reduce transit times, costs & bottlenecks

Our Document Management Workflow Software can be as simple as notifying users when new documents enter the system. Or it can involve multiple approvals / escalations processes or dynamically generating and distributing new documents or emails based on business rules. The Document Workflow Software also performs at high speed.

Using our document management workflow software in conjunction with our Digital Mailroom Services or High Volume Scanning Services offers a powerful and flexible solution. It provides huge benefits to your organisation and delivers cost savings straight to your bottom line. Also, our document management workflow software is available as a hosted service or maybe installed on your servers. We’ll also provide support from our experienced UK based IT support team.

We are happy to discuss any requirements with you and help with process mapping and Document Management Workflow Software design services. Contact our Document Management sales team today.


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