Distributed (Networked) Scanning Systems

Distributed or Networked Scanning

Many office workers now have ready access to a local copier/printer that has a scanning function. The ability to scan and e-mail a paper document is quick and efficient and has largely replaced the use of fax machines. For certain applications the ability to scan locally works fine. However, when document filing is left to individual users to organise, you run the risk of perpetuating the hazards of uncontrolled record keeping and lost files.


When it comes to ensuring that important business records are scanned, indexed and stored in a professional manner the only solution is to install a professional document management system. Such systems are not expensive to implement and they are easily scalable.


Our systems enable users to scan using a scanner attached to their workstation, by a departmental scanner or a Multi-function device (MFD). Documents can be scanned across multiple operating sites and where volumes are particularly large they can be scanned at our bureau facility or a centralised shared services unit.


The point is that wherever the documents are scanned they will be indexed according to corporate guidelines and stored in a secure, backed-up environment that can be accessed by any user, from any location, using any device. No longer will you run the risk that the only copy of an important quote, contract or suppliers invoice is on the hard drive of someone that is off sick, or worse, left the business.


We are experts in distributed or networked scanning software with many clients. As a large high volume scanning bureau, we put such software to its limits on a daily basis. As high volume demanding users, rather than simply resellers, we are well placed to help guide you to the best solution for your requirements.


Integrated Scanning Systems

Our Integrated Scanning Systems enable you to scan at various locations, on various devices into one document repository . These can be accessed by any user, on any device.


Integrated scanning systems are those that employ a range of scanning devices, often across a number of locations. Scanners may include personal desk top devices, larger departmental scanners or MFD’s. Locations may simply be workstations in the same office, departments within the same site, across multiple sites or including remote workers. Furthermore, systems may include an offsite or on-site centralised or shared services scanning department, or a scanning bureau partner.


The repository can store scanned images and native files such as word & Excel as well as e-mails and their attachments.


There is a variety of methods for uploading scans and files from users to the document repository. These include uploading directly or via a folder that is uploaded periodically. Also, file transfer is typically by FTP or individual files can be e-mailed to a watched Planet Press folder.


You can appoint an internal administrator to control your user’s access rights or you can ask us to act as your administrator. Furthermore, our administrators have SC clearance.


Considerable flexibility is offered with some users being prevented from seeing certain document types and of those they can see they may be prevented from some or all of the following – deleting, editing, e-mailing or printing.

Each user is given various levels of access rights but these can include the ability to:
  • Create new Projects and add files
  • Alter index values
  • Add a new document to an existing Project
  • Check out a document, amend and up issue.
  • Add or amend document destruction dates
  • Create folders for shortcuts to frequently used documents

Adding New Documents

An infinite number of documents can be added to projects in the Project Search, Project Search Results, Global Search Results, and Folders screens. You can add multiple documents during one upload by selecting the Additional Files button. Therefore, depending on the organisation of the project and how the administrator sets up the index field values, it might be possible to enter new index values. Alternatively, you may be able to choose index values from a drop-down list. If applicable, document-level security may be applied. Therefore, if text-type documents are added for full-text searching, the system will populate the full-text database. If a user is granted the appropriate access rights, the user can add new documents in the Folders tab.

Scanning New Document

Users can scan new documents in the Project Search, Project Search Results, and Global Search Results screens. Alternatively, if you are using the Folders view, you can scan new documents from the Folders tab. So, as you scan new documents, you can (optionally) add new documents to folders.

Applying Document Level Security

PaperVision Enterprise applies extensive security measures beyond project-level security rights. Project-level security access rights provide security at the project level, and administrators can grant or deny user access and functionality. Therefore, document-level security provides more fine-grained settings, enabling administrators to define users’ security access rights to individual documents. For example, document-level security can restrict access to certain people based on date ranges or invoice amount ranges. If you do not have access to a document, you will not see it in your results list. If you are an administrator or a user with the appropriate rights, a padlock will appear in the Status column.

Applying Document Destruction Dates/Times

While viewing documents, system administrators and authorized users can apply, remove, and edit destruction dates and times.

Free Proof of Concept

Whatever the size or complexity of your Document Management project we offer free initial consultation.

For complex requirements our professional services team will help with scoping, costing, installation, training and on-going support of our systems.


To benefit from the expertise we offer contact the sales support team by phone on 01293 426677

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