PDF Scanning & OCR

Convert your paper documents to digital format but still retain the look and feel of the original.

Adobe Portable Document Format is already the most recognised format for exchange of printable documents via the internet. It’s now on its way to becoming the industry standard for scanned images. Not only is the Adobe Reader software free and easily available, it is also a very good viewing tool and allows you to navigate documents quickly, easily and in a variety of ways.


These display on the left hand side of the main image and clicking on one will take you directly to that page. This is very useful if you know roughly what the desired page looks like (i.e. it has a letter head, graphic or is a different size or colour).

Bookmarks and Hyperlinks:

Bookmarks also display along the left hand side of the image. This can be used to jump to specific sections of the document like a divider in a lever arch file; an indexed tab in a printed manual; or a new chapter in a book.

Hyperlinks work in a similar way but are activated by clicking the mouse over a certain part of the image. Clicking on a hyperlink can also be used for other functions such as opening a new document, a web page or e-mail programme.

Text Recognition:

Our sophisticated software is able to read a scanned image and interpret the various lines, dots and curves. Our software then turns them into letters, punctuation and numbers. This process produces a “hidden” or background text file that is attached to and additional to the scanned image. The benefit of generating a background text file is that it gives the user the opportunity to search a scanned document for occurrences of a word or phrase by entering a search term in a search box. The search takes place on the text file but the original unaltered scanned image is displayed. Ultimately, this maintains the legal integrity of the document.

Certain document types such as contracts, correspondence files and legal files lend themselves to be retrieved using background text searches. Other documents may be adequately indexed and retrieved using index values.

For further details of scanning to PDF, incorporating thumb nails, book marks, hyperlinks or text recognition to your documents please call our document management team today.

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