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Control critical business information stored on paper right from your workstation with PaperVision Capture SP for SharePoint, and upload it to the proper location within your Microsoft SharePoint libraries. Imagine all the power of our award-winning enterprise capture technology on a single desktop!


Improve Implementation and Indexing Efficiency

  • Populate index information instantly using barcodes or Optical CHARACTER recognition (OCR) or by matching values and merging them with existing data
  • Streamline processes by saving scanner profiles and job configurations
  • Use the custom engine to create any process you need to boost productivity

Control Your Most Critical Business Records

  • Create crystal-clear images with electronic image cleanup while scanning
  • Ensure compliance with regulations by tracking every action performed on a document
  • Export documents directly to your Microsoft SharePoint libraries

Save Money with PaperVision Capture

  • Scan as much as you want without throttling your scanner’s speed or incurring extra fees based on the number of documents
  • Save time and space by eliminating paper files and filing cabinets
  • Leverage your existing scanning equipment to convert paper documents into electronic images

PaperVision Capture SP for SharePoint offers a simple, easy to use scanning utility for scanning to SharePoint


Get started now! Enjoy the easiest and most affordable information capture product on the market. PaperVision Capture SP for SharePoint improves your efficiency and gives you better control of critical, paper-based business information. Plus, it is the only scanning application designed specifically for Microsoft SharePoint users.

Get Started NOW!

PaperVision Capture SP for SharePoint is incredibly easy to use. User-friendly features help you get started in minutes. Setup and run the entire application on a single workstation, and avoid the hassle of installing, configuring and maintaining a database. Get to work right away with the familiar Microsoft ribbon interface that gives you access to virtually any feature in seconds. Implement PaperVision Capture NOW! To immediately start scanning and saving paper documents as PDF or image formats.

Efficiency that Boosts Your Business

Information management is all about speed, and automation is the key. Improve scanning efficiency with customisable processes that allow you to choose which functions are important for your business. Minimise keystrokes by automatically populating index values via barcodes and OCR and by matching values and merging them with existing information. Store jobs and batches on your company network where multiple users can access them to complete work. An export wizard walks you through sending scanned images and index values to your SharePoint libraries. Access a library of custom code samples to build unique processes. You can even save scanner profiles and job configurations to reuse for future document batches.

Peace of Mind Comes from Control

Paper-based information is vulnerable to theft, disaster and loss. PaperVision Capture SP for SharePoint gives you control of your critical business information. Sophisticated clean-up filters ensure accurate, legible images every time, and document histories help you keep track of every action performed on a document. Furthermore, your job workflow can be customised to match your process. And best of all, you can export scanned documents easily to Microsoft SharePoint with the tags and schema needed for your content libraries.

Affordability Saves You Money

What would you do with extra cash? PaperVision Capture SP for SharePoint puts affordable information management within everyone’s reach. The system installs on your desktop and works with hundreds of scanners, so you don’t have to buy new hardware. Unlimited scanning comes with every license, so you don’t incur additional usage fees for scanning higher volumes or pay more for high volume scanners.

Free Proof of Concept

Whatever the size or complexity of your Document Management project we offer free initial consultation.

For complex requirements our professional services team will help with scoping, costing, installation, implementation, training and on-going support of our systems.

To benefit from the expertise we offer, contact our sales support team today.

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