Empower your workforce with a system that alerts users when there is a task to action and allows managers to keep track of specific business processes easily.

Our smart document management workflow specialists can help your business streamline and automate processes that involve paper and electronic documents.

What is a Document Management Workflow?

We use the term ‘Workflow’ to describe the journey documents go through associated with a specific business process e.g. invoices or expenses. Every business will have a series of workflows in place already whether they know it or now.

We work with our customers to review their document-based processes and map out the most efficient document workflow that improves productivity, collaboration, access and approvals.

What sort of processes can you streamline with workflow?
  • Invoices
  • Expenses
  • Purchase orders
  • Acquisition forms
  • HR – Employment Contracts
  • Any process that has a series of steps that occur in line with a business process

How does it work?

The workflow process can be as straightforward, or as complex, as required, it starts via a manual mapping process using post-it notes and ends up as a fully digitised business process.

To implement a successful document workflow, we work closely with customers to:

  1. Identify potential processes where savings and efficiencies could be made
  2. Fully understand how the process is currently achieved
  3. Map out the most efficient workflow, with approval processes and alerts
  4. Design the new process using our specialist software
  5. Testing the process
  6. Full roll out of the process
  7. Monitor and improve

Some Benefits of Workflow:

  1. Alerts can be set up to:
  2. Notify a user when there is work to be done
  3. Notify managers (and other user levels) when a certain step takes place
  4. Alert users if any individual step in the workflow is taking longer than scheduled

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