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“Images, e-mail and electronic documents can be accessed concurrently”

We offer a range of options and software applications to help you store and manage your files. Increasingly our client’s applications require scanned documents to enter into a workflow so that savings in the time and cost of document processing are achieved. Workflow applications are covered separately. Here, however, we are only concerned with the simple retrieval of completed or closed files.

Some small organisations are happy using windows explorer to locate their documents and scanned images. Many entry level document management applications are based on little more than an explorer type hierarchical structure but the limitations of these systems soon become apparent. Businesses will typically have more complex requirements such as concurrent access, cross referencing and the ability to retrieve both scanned images and electronically generated files for the same record from a single database.

CD based & Standalone systems

CD and DVD based systems have largely fallen into disuse and gone the same way as explorer type indexing structures but there are applications where they can be appropriate. These may include handing over “as Built” records, drawings or O & M manuals as well as closed or completed files that have to be archived for a period of time.

We can return scanned images on executable CD’s/DVD’s that contain a fully licensed database application alongside the images and index data.  There is a nominal one time charge for the licence that is built into the CD/DVD writing cost. Images can also be loaded to dedicated drives or machines acting as standalone retrieval stations.

Networked Document Retrieval Software

Making documents available to your team is made simple using our networked document management software. Image files and electronic documents can be access concurrently from the same database by users across multiple departments.

On Premise / In the cloud

For larger companies we are able to supply software that manages documents across multiple locations. This can be done using your network or a web-server.

Additional Functions

All document retrieval software packages have the ability to search, view, print and email documents directly from the screen. Some software packages have functions available such as version control, audit tracking, Workflow and integration with other software applications.

For more information regarding Document Retrieval Software and Management systems please contact us today.

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