Employing our modern document management techniques provides our customers with a significant improvement in delivering excellent customer service.

How we help:

  • Capture incoming correspondence & applications
  • Instant access to client details when your customers call
  • Easily merge scanned documents and e-mails into the same client file
  • Have the latest, accurate records immediately to hand so you are fully prepared when making outbound communications

Client files are often scanned when the file is closed, when you run out of filing space, or when you are about to move, and realise how much space they take up! Many organisations have already discovered the advantages of scanning client files as soon as they are received.

Using High Volume Scanning to capture historical customer data such as contracts and correspondence, your agents can have instant access whenever your customer calls. As a result, you will see an increase in sales and a reduction in outbound call costs.

Data capture and document classification can be undertaken on your premises using our staff, equipment and software.  We can send images to you or extract the key data you need and export just that data, with or without the supporting image. This can be done directly into your line-of-business applications, vastly improving your response times.

Historic Customer Files

If your requirement is to scan completed, closed or archived client files, we will be pleased to help. We offer several innovative cost-effective solutions to deal with such requirements.

If you need to clear space urgently, we can arrange to collect your files and remove them. They can be transported to our secure warehouse within days.

After scanning and indexing the documents, they can be returned to you to store on your computer systems. Alternatively, we offer a secure web-hosted solution which can be implemented with minimal involvement of your IT department. We offer to store your original paper files for as long as you want, and when you no longer need them, we offer a secure shredding and recycling service.

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