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What are E-Forms?
And how can they save you time and reduce costs?

E-Forms provide an interface (typically browser based) that enables your users to interact with applications and the back end systems that link to them.  As a result, it enables users at other offices, working from home, or in other countries to submit data in the correct format. Therefore, this makes it quick and easy for your back office systems to process the information quickly and at low cost. And because the data is in an electronic format, it’s already indexed and securely archived. This therefore reduces the need for manual filing systems.
While typical applications are time sheets and expense claim forms, any form that your business needs to function is a candidate for conversion. This can include Project Management, Surveys, Holidays and Sickness reporting, Purchase requisitions, Sales orders and Quotations.
PaperVision E-Forms support richer and more dynamic interactions than are possible with HTML forms. So this includes, multiple data streams, field validation and embedded process logic
By using E-forms, you can eliminate the cost of printing, storing and distributing pre-printed forms, along with waste that accompanies obsolete paper forms. So, aside from money saving, E-forms can be filled out faster because the programming associated with them can automatically format, calculate, look up, validate information for the user.
So, compared to paper forms, E-forms allow more focus on business or underlying problems for which they are designed. Furthermore, they can understand the roles and responsibilities of the different participants of the process and in turn, automate routing.

Creating Your E-Form

It’s easy to create an online E-form; there is no need to use or understand code. A user friendly drag and drop interface enables business managers to create a form quickly and easily.

Benefits of Electronic Forms
  • Instant data submission
  • Increased accuracy
  • Available of desktop, web, mobile
  • Speeds up distribution of data
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Faster completion of process
  • Quicker response rate
  • Reduced printing cost
  • Avoid re-keying of data

E-forms are a module of the PaperVision suite of software products and can be used to great effect in combination with PaperVision Enterprise and PaperVision Workflow

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