Document Management Software and Systems


  • On premise or hosted (Cloud) licensing options
  • Manage scanned images, office & email documents
  • Manage records stored in archive boxes
  • One single point of contact for software, hardware and support
  • Fully compatible with our Document bureau scanning services

Document management software systems ensure that your business documents are stored and managed in a secure, intelligent manner and quick to locate by authorised users.
Our bespoke Document Management systems can be hosted on your premises or on our cloud servers and come with a range of licensing options.
We supply and support a range of professional quality document scanners and software. Where you already have existing scanners or multi-function devices our software can be used to manage the scanned images. Furthermore, you can scan into our systems using a dedicated scanner, a multi-function device or by sending documents to our bureau for processing. Wherever and however the documents are scanned our software solutions will control and manage the image files for quick and easy retrieval. Wherever the documents are scanned the images may be stored on our cloud servers or on your own network.

The Process

Our systems take your scanned images, electronic documents and emails and make them instantly available throughout your organisation. Even box storage can be managed using the same platform. Searching our systems for file’s will display the image if the file has been scanned or is an electronic file. So if the document only exists in hard copy form and has been archived without being scanned our document management software system will show you the number of the archive box number that holds the document. You can then select to have the box returned to you. In addition, you can chose to have the document located, scanned and e-mailed to you.
As well as traditional licensing models we also offer hosted, on demand services, saving you capital and infrastructure costs.
Furthermore, our Document Management Systems are built on hardware and software from some of the world’s leading providers. We provide demonstrations and presentations that are tailored to your individual requirements.

Call 01293 426677 now for advice, further information or a demonstration of our Document Management Software and Systems.

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