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Case Study: “Too much paper everywhere”

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Lucraft Hodgson & Dawes LLP is a substantial regional Chartered Accountancy practice providing professional business, Taxation and Accountancy services to organisations of every size. Established for over 65 years the company operates from two offices in Sussex.


The Issue

As a successful business, Lucraft are expanding; increasing the size of their client base and needing to take on more staff. With 7 years mandatory archiving of client files, storage and retrieval had become a major limiter to growth – literally – as over time much needed office space had become file rooms! In addition, far too much staff time was taken in document filing and retrieval.


It was clear that the time had come to modernise their record management. However the prospect of doing it themselves was daunting. “A consequence of our business is that we have too much paper, everywhere,” explains Katrina Pollard, Office Manager at Lucraft. “However it would have been impossible to move to an electronic management system by ourselves. Just scanning all the documents ourselves was an overwhelming thought.”


Lucraft approached Document Options for advice on how they could digitise all client files to save space, staff time, reduce the risk of lost or misplaced files and provide a secure back up of critical business records and speed access to files.


The Solution

We implemented a two prong solution.


Firstly, we dealt with the huge archive of client files, tax documents and so on, which we physically collected, prepared the files, scanned and indexed with the appropriate name and references as agreed with the client. The scanned data was then uploaded to our secure online PaperVision© Electronic Document Management system for easy storage and retrieval. Optical Character recognition (OCR) is applied to each page to provide staff with additional search methods within a client file.


Secondly, we provided the capability to deal with new client files and incoming paper documentation for existing clients. New client files are easily added to the system by Lucraft and adding additional documents to existing files is easily undertaken by Lucraft themselves or by Document Options, who provide a same day collection, scan and upload service.


The Benefits

We are able to deliver significant benefits to Lucraft. To list a few:

Hear from Katrina herself
“The project has gone really well. All the staff at Document Options have been so responsive; technical support gives me immediate support, document collections are the next day, anything we have asked them to do, they have. They are all just helpful and easy to get hold of. We will be moving on to digitise payroll next, and then I imagine we will roll out across the other offices. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other businesses. Document Options offer a really personal service – it has been a pleasure working with them.”


Lucraft ,Hodgson and Dawes use a cloud hosted solution provided by Document Options.


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