Southern Water Service delivers a safe, reliable water supply for now and into the future. Document Options have been providing SWS daily Document Processing Services over the past ten years to help streamline administrative processes.

Our work starts by receiving and classifying the incoming mail into “HR”, “Finance”, “Procurement” and  “Income” documents.  These document areas are subdivided into document types within each group. This is achieved using our classification software.  As well as paper documents, we receive electronic documents which are sent to us from several dedicated email addresses. As electronic records hit our email servers, they are picked up and sorted by our document classification software.

Each document type is work flowed electronically and physically. The processing SLA’s depend on document type, and most documents are processed daily, some turnaround times can be within 4 hours of receipt.  Expense forms are processed by extracting and validating the data.  We employ multiple OCR engines to maximise the level of automatic capture.

Each type of document has a specific set of indexing criteria, and several different methods of capture are employed. Purchase invoices have data automatically extracted and validated and requires to be delivered back to SWS for loading into their finance system.

A system named PaperVision is the backbone of the processing, which also has inherent capture and workflow technology. It is used to process scanned batches and perform functions such as barcode reading and zonal OCR where there are appropriate ways of gaining index information.

Our experienced validation team ensure that the data captured is 100% correct. Once the capture process has been completed, the data and images are exported to the target destination. While some data may be sent to Southern Water for further processing electronically, all images and data are uploaded on to “PaperVisions Enterprise Content Management System”. This is then accessed by Southern Water divisions within the UK.

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