The Caravan and Motorhome Club have been established for more than a century and offer services and support to their members in the UK and countries including, France, Germany, Holland and Netherlands, Italy, Jersey, Luxembourg, Republic of Ireland, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and Finland. They are a Professional Corporation with over 1 million members with 200 main sites and 2500 smaller sites.

Within their Accounts Payables department, there were various issues; including late payments to suppliers and they required improved document automation levels to be more productive. Increased invoice visibility was essential too when processing at both their Head office in East Grinstead and at a site level, including the various countries.

The Caravan Club and Motorhome Club was approached by Document Options and recommended their enhanced invoice processing service. Jon Laws, Financial Controller, stated, ‘removing the scanning and keying parts of the process and moving them to Document Options, who are equipped with the technology and scanning hardware proved the best business fit for them. Also, their SAP experience mitigated any risk with configuration and SAP integration’.

Liz Parish, Head of Accounts Payable added ‘We have already seen a marked increase in automatic booking rates and the reporting functions now have visibility of any outstanding invoices so we can avoid late payments. The initial reaction of the new system within the business has been excellent.

DOL process over 200,000 invoices for the Caravan Club and receive from the various countries and the UK.

The main improvements we identified for the Caravan and Motorhome Club were:

  • Outsourcing the capture of invoices to a proven supplier
  • Increasing booking rates of invoices
  • Capturing and processing exceptions
  • One system for processing invoices from paper and Email
  • Prompting users to receipt goods.
  • Full Integration with SAP.

Document Options presented several solutions and technologies to the Caravan Club that would assist with addressing these issues, and the following was agreed using our time tested and AI technology platform.

Our industry-leading, innovative technology automatically examines a digital invoice (or another semi-structured document) and then extracts the required data components with minimal or no human intervention. The technology creates a financial and time-saving solution compared to manual data-entry and increases data quality before importing into SAP or other client end software. It reads the content of documents that are received as a scan or as an emailed attachment. The software offers unmatched recognition rates for invoices using many recognition engines – lifting both the header and line-item content. The Document Options Platform is usually paired with an invoice monitor – to post a high percentage of invoices automatically in SAP without the need for human intervention.

Document Options platform and workflow for the Caravan and Motorhome Club can accurately read and extract information from scanned invoices received in various European languages. Invoice Classification: Arithmetic and validation checking of invoices. (i.e. checking that all relevant information has been added to the invoice, checking that the net, tax and gross amounts tally).

The Document Options Platform Monitor provides additional functionality within an SAP environment to assist with invoice payment. We are comparing line level data for PO, receipt and Invoice data and delivering an automated letter of rejection to suppliers who send incomplete invoices.

Non-PO invoices are passed directly to requesters without the need for the additional work. Deep integration with SAP – therefore, little training and familiar SAP working environment for users. Ability to match against receipted PO’s at line level and interchange between the Document Options Platform and SAP. Use of live SAP data rather than an extract of historical data.

The platform monitor is the core SAP integrated model that works in conjunction with The Caravan Club’s SAP application; this includes:

  • A selection screen (FI, MM, OCR, dates etc.)
  • An overview screen (workflow progress, amounts outstanding)
  • A document detail screen
  • A workflow component (i.e. using SAP NetWeaver for approvals)

The Document Options Platform compares line level data for quantity and price from the invoice, purchase order and the receipt of the goods. Invoices can be returned to suppliers because of designated invoice errors. The letter is automatically authored by the platform monitor and can be sent to the supplier via email (if this data is available). The platform document reader produces exceptionally high recognition rates and processes any document media such as fax, e-mail, PDF etc.

The Document Options platform invoice reader imports scanned images from the scan-client and extracts relevant invoice header and line-item data using free-form extraction technology.  As an alternative, the documents can also be sent via email using email addresses individually installed for documents from the email system used in the company.

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Removing the scanning and keying parts of the process and moving them to Document Options, who are equipped with the technology and scanning hardware proved the best business fit. In addition, their SAP experience mitigated any risk with configuration and SAP integration.

The Caravan and Motorhome Club - Jon Laws - Financial Controller

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