Abellio operate bus routes across Central, South and West London, plus Rail Replacement and Event services across the UK to provide easier journeys, every day. 

Abellio’s HR team was finding it extremely time consuming and difficult to manage all their paper based HR files and GDPR obligations. The actual HR files were stored in many locations around London and the South East. Furthermore, the paper files in use had no real structure and the HR team had to manually search through many employee documents to find the correct one.

There was an underlying business requirement to access employee files and find documents much faster. Denesh Ashok (IT Manager at Abellio), contacted Document Options (DOL), following which an initial meeting took place to understand where DOL could help. At the meeting a demonstration was given on the digital solutions that DOL could offer and some  recommendations on how best to classify all of Abellio’s existing HR documents. At the same time, within Abellio’s HR team, there were ongoing discussions on whether to utilise their own staff to classify the files into the required sections. This idea was eventually discarded based on both the availability of permanent resources and the costs and risks of using temporary staff.

Parveen Akhtar (Interim Head of HR) subsequently met with DOL and it was discussed and agreed that once DOL understood the make-up of their HR files, they could then also classify them as part of the digitisation process. A day was set aside at DOL’s premises near Gatwick for the Abellio and DOL teams to discuss the file structure and document content; these details were then documented and built into the digitisation process. The sections were confirmed and included:- Terms & Conditions & Personal Details, Payroll, Attendance / Wellbeing, Compliance, Development & Training, Employee Relations, Celebrating Success and, for anything that could not be identified, Miscellaneous.  An important factor for Abellio was the ability to set up a permissions structure that made sure the personnel files and sub sections were only accessible to authorised line managers

As the digitisation was undertaken at DOL’s offices, in order to minimise the amount of documents offsite at any one time, DOL collected the files from the various locations on a weekly basis over a period of 6 months, starting from 1 July 2018. Every box containing HR files was records-managed to ensure all records were accounted for. The files were then categorised as part of the digitisation process and all the relevant documents and index data captured at the same time. The documents were output as searchable PDFs and loaded to “PaperVision Enterprise Content Management System”.

Over the past 10 years, DOL has hosted and supported PaperVision ECMS; this is simple to use, contains outstanding functionality and has an ongoing product development program, that has seen workflow, e-forms and others, added to the software. PaperVision has everything needed to manage GDPR; retention dates can be added to the system and users can receive notifications via email. Once approved, the deletion and/or destruction can be actioned. PaperVision is superb at secure electronic storage, control and management of scanned documents, all common computer files and e-mails. A powerful search engine enables users to quickly locate and display documents. It can be accessed via a web browser either on a PC or laptop, or, on the move from a tablet or mobile. It offers a complete audit trail of all usage, as well as the ability to print, download, scan, share, collaborate, upload, version, redact, sign, export data and email.


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Document Options digitised our HR records to reduce the time spent on manual handling documents and managing a paper based filing system. The introduction of the 'PaperVision ECM System' greatly improves our capacity to access documents and ensure a high level of security.

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