Use your local office scanning devices to digitise essential documents and our team will index and route them into your Document Management System (DMS).

Many office workers now have ready access to a local copier or printer that has a quick and efficient scanning function. For specific applications such as HR file updates, the ability to scan locally is ideal. Having a standard method to index these files can be performed in several different ways.

When it comes to ensuring that important business records are scanned, indexed and stored professionally, the only practical solution is to install a “Document Management System”. Such systems are not expensive to implement, and they are easily scalable.

Our systems enable users to scan using a scanner attached to their workstation, by a departmental scanner or a Multi-function device (MFD). Documents can be scanned across multiple operating sites, and where volumes are particularly large, they can be scanned at our document processing centres.

We are experts in distributed or networked scanning software with many clients. As a large high volume scanning business, we put such software to its limits daily. As high volume demanding users, rather than merely resellers, we are well placed to help guide you to the best solution for your requirements.

Benefits of distributed document capture:
• Speed up processes by capturing information ‘there and then’
• Reduce costs and improve security as documents don’t leave your premises
• Your employees spend more time doing their core role
• Businesses with multiple locations are better linked
• Document filing and indexing is more consistent

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