Our Digital Mailroom services transform a slow & laborious paper-based handling procedure into a smooth automated business process.

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In its purest form, your post and mail are automatically routed to us each morning, we scan and deliver it electronically to the intended department or recipient.

Our digital mailroom can handle both the paper documents you receive in the post as well as electronic documents. We apply the same recognition and processing techniques to both the scanned images and electronic records and merge data sources into one unified workflow.

Streamlining and simplifying the workflow results in lower headcount and reduced operating costs.

Benefits of adopting Digital Mailroom services:

  1. Improve efficiency and customer service
  2. Automate and speed up business processes
  3. Reduce storage and manual handling
  4. Improved SLAs and performance measures

Our team are happy to work closely with you to help define the solution that you need. We will provide firm pricing and detailed information to help you make your decisions. Our Professional Services team are responsible for implementation, integration, training and support.

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How our Digital Mailroom Services Work

Save time and office space by converting your HR documents to digital files and storing them in one, easy to access, organised place.

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Document Options have listened and worked with us to deliver a bespoke professional service, which has far exceeded our expectations & changed the way we communicate internally.

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Digital Mailroom Services FAQs

You can arrange for your suppliers to send them to us directly on your behalf or you can use a PO Box which can be directed to us

It does. Different PO boxes can be set up to receive mail from different branches or locations

By having your mail digitised and indexed, you will no longer have to allocate staff members to manually process documents on-site.

Transferring to a more efficient Digital Mailroom can cut your company’s manual handling costs, as well as allowing authorised staff members the ability to access electronic documents without moving from their computer.

By eliminating the need for your company to handle incoming mail, your business also has the freedom to focus time and resources on more important business activities.

Whatever you'd like to happen to it! We can scan it and have a process so it can be viewed or we can junk that junk mail for you so no-one has to see it!

We discuss it with you beforehand! We believe you're best placed to know what should and shouldn't be scanned so we work with you to discuss rules on what is and isn't junk.

We can always scan everything and then have a set rule where "Misc" items go. It's all down to what suits your needs

Of course. Just let us know which system you have and we can discuss the best way to integrate with it!

It can, we can utilise various OCR functions to read if the document is an invoice and put it through an AP Process.

Any amount of Mail that takes time to open, sort and deliver to staff would benefit from a digital mailroom. You'd be able to free up the time taken on these tasks and allow your staff to focus on more important things.

The benefit also comes with making all the mail digital allowing it to be shared more easily with other staff members and clients.

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