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Integrity and confidentiality are key when dealing with personal data. Our services enable efficient management of current staff files and the secure archiving and retrieval of leavers’ records

  • Electronic storage of personnel / pension records
  • Manage emails, digital files and paper records in one place

High volume scanning services can be used to digitise vast archives of paper records. This ensures their continued safety and security whilst making them available to the right people at the right time.


Intelligent document management systems brings these and other processes together by creating electronic copies of your outbound communications. They are then stored them in a single, central repository alongside scanned originals and Microsoft Office® documents.


We offer a unified service enabling you to scan on local devices or add electronic files to a staff record. Furthermore, large batches of non-urgent work may be sent to us for scanning and uploading to the same server for you to access. We offer both a hosted solution and a on premise solution.


Leavers Files

Many organisations maintain a paper file during the employment of personnel only archiving the file when employment ceases.


Gone are the days of long term employment and we frequently find examples of employees that have worked for the same company a number of times; each time a new additional employment file is created. Some long term employees build up such a large archive of paper records that two or three folders are required to contain the information. As a result, these situations can easily result in misplaced files.


Relying on paper files means relying on how well the filing was done. This can mean that the files of employees with large or multiple files may have been separated.


The files are not lost – they are just not readily to hand – they are somewhere within the paper filing system.


The advantage of scanning leavers files is that searching for a leavers record will return all the files relating to that employee – irrespective of how many files they had, irrespective of how many times they joined and left the company and irrespective of the file being misplaced in the filing system.


The files can be made available anywhere and to anyone that needs the information. This is subject to them being authorised to do so which is ensured by a secure log on and pass word procedure. So if you are a multi-location organisation or working from home you can still access the files quickly and easily.


Current Employees

We offer document management systems that enable you to store all employee records in one electronic file. Paper documents can be scanned into the system; e-mails and attachments can be copied or moved into the system; even x-rays, photographs etc. can be stored into the system. Furthermore, retrieving the employee file will enable you to view, print or e-mail the whole file, a section of it or an individual page.


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