Applications for a document management solution arise wherever there is a large volume of paper documentation. This may have been accumulated over a period of time or there may be a large steady stream of documents passing through the organisation on a daily basis.

In their simplest and earliest form, Document Management Systems provide a method of reducing the space taken up by paper records; enable low cost backup copies of the information to be created; and minimise the time taken to locate and retrieve documents. Often called back-file applications the need to capture a paper archive is often driven by the need to save space.

At the most advanced form documents are scanned upon receipt and software identifies the document type. A scanned image is then routed to the correct workflow inbox for action. Alternatively data is extracted from the image and exported to corporate applications. A supplier invoice that matches a purchase data file could be authorised for payment without human intervention. Supplier invoices, remittance advices, purchase orders and correspondence can each be automatically identified and sent to the correct team for processing.

Clearly all organisations have document management applications but not all need, justify or will benefit by introducing sophisticated systems. Certain types of organisations are historically paper intensive; certain departments within all organisations are typically more likely than others to have significant volumes of paper records. Therefore, this means document management applications arise across all industry types.

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