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Many enterprises still rely on paper for their business processes. They often require significant manual labour to manage and extract the data in these documents. To remain competitive businesses must find ways to reduce costs by streamlining resource-intensive labour and reassigning staff to higher-value tasks. With electronic processing enterprises can automate data entry and standardise the flow of paper. Achieving this enables significant cost reductions and increased productivity.

Wherever businesses deal with documents and whenever those documents drive transactions, organisations can benefit from process automation:

  • Maximised resource use: increase efficiency by eliminating time-consuming and expensive manual error-prone processes such as document pre-sorting and manual keying for business-critical documents
  • Reduced operating costs: for manual document handling, and cut hours for manual keying to extract business relevant data from documents
  • Increased competitiveness: increase responsiveness and speed-up reaction times to customer enquiries
  • High-quality data output: the assurance of high quality data in the format you require means less time and resources spent validating work and better, more reliable data deposited into your back-end systems

Automate Document-driven Business Processes

Although different industries often have distinct business processes and regulations, they all share the need to efficiently access data from paperwork. FlexiCapture allows enterprises to automate those processes in the following areas:

  • Forms processing: extract hand printed information and barcode data from surveys, application and order forms and classify multiple form types
  • Invoice processing: extract all data, including line items that also can stretch over multiple pages, from supplier invoices
  • Purchase order or claims processing: extract information from scanned or faxed orders and validate those against purchase databases
  • Digital mailrooms: classify and separate documents according to document type and content. Route documents into backend workflows for further processing

Powerful Features

ABBYY FlexiCapture 10 already delivers a range of powerful features out-of-the-box, but for specific business requirements custom modules can be integrated to solve that problem. So this allows FlexiCapture Solution Partners a partner-enabled vertical solution development to address the specific needs from different industries.

Highly Scalable

ABBYY FlexiCapture 10 is a highly scalable Enterprise Capture and document processing platform for converting streams of documents into business-ready data. It is available in three different variants including workgroup based solutions for departments, a client-server based capture platform for distributed data capture in large enterprises or as a server component for integration within custom-built applications. Furthermore, ABBYY FlexiCapture 10 scales with specific needs from low volume data capture based on a Standalone installation to high-volume in a distributed client-server solution.

ABBYY FlexiCapture 10 is available as follows:

Scalable, Flexible, FlexiCapture

Whether you require a desktop solution to automate low-volume data capture or an Enterprise Capture platform for processing all business-critical documents. ABBYY FlexiCapture 10 has the flexibility to address your needs.

  • Data Capture and IDR in one Solution: from easy document capture, via data extraction from fixed forms to intelligent document recognition from semi-and unstructured documents all in one solution available from entry-level solution until enterprise capture platform
  • Any Kind of Documents: processing of all kinds of business critical document types, such as applications, claim and order forms, invoices, and unstructured customer communication like letters or contracts.
  • High Scalability: client-/server solution for processing high-volume with no limits on speed and high availability through Failover Cluster support
  • Flexible Integration: custom modules, enhanced scripting and custom export features allow FlexiCapture to be integrated into any business application
  • Distributed Capture: allows a simple integration of decentralised workforces or outsourcing service providers through web-based stations for scanning, data verification and verification*

Automated Invoice Processing with Integrated Workflow

Accelerated Invoice Handling from Arrival to Archiving

Tap the full potential of an optimised accounts payable process. Implementing an automated invoice processing solution greatly reduces error-prone manual data entry. Furthermore, businesses are able to cut operational costs, improve efficiency of core activities and simplify monitoring and reporting.

Invoice Receipt and Capture

Capture invoices at the point of entry, whether centrally in a mailroom or finance department, or remotely in branch offices. Invoices, both paper and electronic, can be processed regardless of format or input channel: a scanned document, a PDF or from an email attachment. In addition, electronic invoices that are sent to a customer’s email inbox can be imported automatically. Mailroom invoice capture is carried out using thick clients, while decentralised capture from remote offices can be completed with the Web Capture Station.

Extraction and Validation

Invoices are classified based on supplier master data and business unit. According to language and country, legal conformity checks are performed and the invoice data is extracted. Rules-based validation and purchase order matching ensure the highest quality invoice data is sent on for processing. So for invoice validation and coding, power-users from the AP department use a thick client for verification. Accountants or field workers can use the Web Verification feature to correct errors or mismatched invoice data.

Invoice Routing

Invoices are automatically routed to cost centre staff or budget owners for review and approval. Pre-defined workflows ensure that the processing of invoices is in accordance with internal approval guidelines. By automating validity checks against purchase orders and reducing internal communication about invoice status, finance departments save valuable time and resources.

Revision and Allocation

Optimised and best-practice approval workflows support business-rule routing, cost centre splitting and exception handling. The allocation of incoming invoices can be executed more effortlessly, quickly and flexibly. After choosing the correct value or the appropriate cost centre, the calculation of the corresponding tax value is determined automatically.

Approval and Authorisation

Automating the invoice handling process accelerates approval and results in fast throughput. The automated routing of invoices allows a smooth handover to the appropriate budget owner or cost centre staff ensuring that the payment authorisation process is simplified and optimised for effective invoice management.

Payment and Archiving

The last step in the process is payment and archiving. After allocation and approval of an invoice, it is automatically sent to the ERP, or any other finance system, for payment and archiving. All phases of the invoice processing workflow can be tracked and reviewed at any time. Furthermore, This ensures transactional transparency and compliance with regulations

Professional Services: Document Options Ltd offers professional services to help customers jump-start projects, to provide additional expertise and support for your teams, or for certification and training.

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